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13 January 2019

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They set up an enclosure there which they want to mimic a desert. Originally, this statue was carved in 1772 for the temple of Apollo in 's Hall of Laurels, but was then moved to Charles Eugene's in in 1778, and it found its way to the Bildergalerie during von Thouret's remodeling. When Charlotte joined Frederick I in residence at Ludwigsburg in 1798, the separating walls were removed to form one suite. Always with customised added value for musicians.

The Schwarzwald , the main mountain range of the state, rises east of the. Retrieved 5 December 2017. If it weren't, the consequences could be fatal.

Jobs & Career - Nette based his plans on those of Jenisch, enabling him to complete his design for a three-wing palace in the same year as his appointment. The layers of Jura ridge are made up of cemented sea mud and countless bits of housing.

Our products are used in many varied applications every day and around the world in motor cars, combine harvesters, compressors, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and in water treatment systems. Therefore it is not surprising that our wide range of products has made us the global market leader. The countryside of the plateau of the Swabian Jura is indeed tempting. But this is anything but a fairytale. Thick clouds of dust hover over the 20 hectares of land, constantly swirling due to the heavy trucks moving around, transporting the grit, sand, and gravel out of the quarry. It's a gravel quarry, a working mine. It's a tough job, working here. The quarry uses several heavy vehicles, including three semi trucks and four six-wheelers. They transport the grit, sand, and gravel that is used mainly for road construction. Werres leads the family operation, now in its fourth generation, together with Kurt Leibfritz. His great-grandfather founded the quarry in the 1920s. The company has been excavating Jurassic limestone since 1926. A tour through the gravel quarry and the mine is bumpy and dusty. Werres follows a dump truck in his own car. It's almost certainly fitted with two-thirds MANN-FILTER products. But afterward, we only use MANN-FILTER — be it a fuel filter, air filter, or cabin air filter. I have never had any complaints. Jürgen Werres knows what he's talking about. The trained mechanic began his apprenticeship at 15 years of age, after spending many years repairing lorries and trucks in his spare time. He didn't join the company until the age of 25, though. He was out exploring the world before that. In Saudi Arabia, he carried out maintenance and repair work for a haulage company's vehicles. He then traveled through Europe for two years — from North Africa to England, and Portugal to Hungary, all in a truck. Nowhere was too far for the native of Swabia, Germany. Since then, he has had a quite special relationship with vehicles and their inner workings. They're still in use in the desert today. It's a filter that never breaks. And more importantly, anyone can maintain one. Fit it back into the engine. One of them is right here in the workshop. The following are just some of the MANN-FILTER used in the gravel quarry. The extreme strain placed on the vehicles means an increased need for maintenance. The Leibfritz gravel quarry does most of this work itself. A large workshop and several mechanics are on hand for repairs and maintenance. A lot of maintenance takes place in the winter when excavations in the quarry are hard-going. But it's a quick process — we call up the dealer and, within two or three hours, sometimes a day, we have the replacement part ready for installation. It is all very easy. If it weren't, the consequences could be fatal. You can buy loads of filters for that kind of engine. As recently as the 1970s, a truck had to be serviced every 4,500 miles, a figure that increased to 7,500 in the 1980s. Today, trucks can run 30,000 to 60,000 miles before the filter and the oil have to be replaced. It is the machines in the gravel quarry — wheel loaders, wheel excavators and drills — that come under a lot more pressure than the vehicles. The weather conditions play a part, too. Temperatures can drop to -13 °F in winter. In summer, on the other hand, temperatures can sometimes reach up to 113 °F. In his car, he drives onto a hill where a large payloader is in action. In the cab sits Rosario Giobbe, cigarette in mouth, visibly concentrating. He never takes a break. The dirt needs to go so that I can get to the rock face where the good stuff is. This is real hardcore work. Not everyone's up to the task. It depends on the technique. You have to use lots of techniques to ensure a full load. He plans to work another 1. I've already drilled some holes up the top. You can see the dust, the debris. The permitted drill depth is over 100 feet. Giobbe sits in a cab while drilling. He never comes into contact with the dust — thanks to the cabin air filter of MANN+HUMMEL. And the drier it gets, the worse it is. The machine has two air filters: a cabin air filter and an engine air filter. These are replaced twice a year. If they aren't, the whole machine is at stake — a machine that costs three-quarters of a million euros, by the way. They'd have to be, otherwise you'd look like a ghost. Around 4,000 tons are excavated per detonation. Dynamite is used for blasting after the drilling is complete. Rosario Giobbe rings the alarm. With the first sound, the area is cleared and the workers take shelter. With the second sound, the charges are detonated. There is a bang, and the vapor from the dynamite spreads across a wide area. A third alarm signals that the coast is clear. After the blasting, dump trucks transport the large rocks measuring up to 4 feet in length to a primary crusher so that they can be broken down. The material is then collected in a large buffer silo. Giobbe is about to start his sixth year of work at the Leibfritz gravel quarry. He originally trained to be an industrial mechanic, but he is also a master of dynamite. I never let anyone else play with it. I actually have a special relationship with all the machines. Starting with the car that I drive to the site. I always say that I treat the machines as if they were my own. It is incidentally the reason for the many surprises on site — in the most literal sense of the word — such as any time a hole opens up after a detonation. Breathing the air there is just indescribable. Sometimes, age-old artifacts come to light in the form of fossils. Amateur geologists even found the fossilized remains of a squid once. But that's not to say you won't also meet living animals in the quarry. Lizards, frogs, foxes, and wild boar can all be found here. Suddenly I heard a bang — it was a wild boar! It fell off the cliff and was lying about 30 feet away from me. I was completely shocked. The deposits of Black, Brown and White Jura rock can be traced back to a time when the region was still covered with water. Around 150 million years ago, in the White Jurassic period, a tropical sea with coral reefs, cycads, and ginkgo trees covered the area. Today, it is occupied by lime gravel that is excavated for the construction industry, and limestone that is used as a raw material in the cement industry. The layers of Jura ridge are made up of cemented sea mud and countless bits of housing. Such an abundance of limestone encouraged people to find a whole variety of uses over the centuries. This is why large stone quarries still shape the landscape of the region today. Right in the middle of the gravel quarry is where Werres appears to be in his element. If there's more material to transport than usual or if there's a manpower shortage, he's more than happy to step up to the plate himself. You'll always find him behind the wheel of a dump truck or working on a payloader at the dump. You have to be able to see that you have earned something. That you're not just standing still. He loads dump trucks with his wheel loader. These trucks, loaded with 40 to 60 tons of detonated and excavated material, drive through the quarry to the primary crusher up to 65 times a day. Even I have to ask him questions now and then. Even the Managing Director, it seems, has nothing else on his mind. We haven't really given it much thought. We'll have to have a chat and find out what we're doing. Working in a team with 15 well-rehearsed colleagues is particularly enjoyable here. Everyone can rely on one another. And everyone here is a pro in one way or another — the employees are commercial vehicle mechanics, carpenters, truck drivers, masons, drill engineers, or dynamite experts. The team of Horst Klotz and Sabine Ott takes care of telephone and written communication in the office. Everyone has their duties and everyone knows what they have to do. But if someone can't work in a team, it's like getting sand in the transmission. But it works for us, I have no complaints in that regard. The team is 100 percent behind me. And I am 100 percent behind my team. As it should be. The same goes for the technology that is pushed to its limits here every day. The Leibfritz gravel quarry was founded in 1926 by Martin Leibfritz in Sonnenbühl-Undingen where the gravel manufacturing operation ran until 1964. Since it was no longer possible to extend mining rights after this time, the company switched to excavating and selling Jura limestone material in Lichtenstein-Unterhausen in the year 1964. The family company is currently in its 4th generation and is managed by Jürgen Werres and Kurt Leibfritz. It supplies customers within a 20-mile radius. But the work doesn't stop there. They set up an enclosure there which they want to mimic a desert. We couldn't sell anything without them. If you're nice to the customer, you'll get the same treatment in return. If you are reliable and punctual, if the quality is good enough, the customer will come back.
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