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13 January 2019

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Upstalsboom Parkhotel

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In 1913, she came under the command of , who would captain the ship during World War I. There, Emden 's radio-intercept officers picked up messages from the British armored cruiser.

While preparing to take possession of the ship, Emden had to recall her boats when she spotted an approaching ship. She was built at the in ; her keel was laid in December 1921 and her completed hull was launched in January 1925. The wireless compartment was destroyed and the crew for one of the forward guns was killed early in the engagement.

Upstalsboom Parkhotel - As designed, she was to have carried eight deck-mounted 50 cm 20 in in dual launchers, but only four tubes were fitted as built.

Emden Operational History Powered by OpenCms - The OpenSource Content Management System Emden Leichter Kreuzer 1925 - 1945 15. May 1926: Final construction works. October 1926: Refits, aft funnel is modified. From there, the Emden sails to Indonesia, the USA, Chile, Brazil and returns to Wilhelmshaven. April - June 1928: Repairs and refits. In April 1937, the Emden takes part in control operations off the Spanish coast. August 1939: Supported by government yacht Grille and several torpedo boats, the Emden laid a mine field in the North Sea. First navy casualties in World War II. Oct 1939 - Mar 1940: Used as a training ship. Troops on board of the Emden disembark to attack Forts at the Dröbak Narrows. The radio station on board of the Emden is the main communication center in Oslo. Summer 1940: Emden transfers to Gothenburg for training purposes. September 1941: Together with CL Köln , Emden bombards Russian shore batteries at Cape Ristna on Ösel. November 1941: Attached to the training section of the fleet. June - November 1942: Laid up in the Wilhelmshaven shipyard for major refits. End of 1944: Mine laying in the Skagerak. There one of the CLs engines is brought into action. February - April 1945: Refitting in Kiel. April 1945: The Emden is heavily damaged during an air raid on Kiel. The ship has to be beached in the Heikendorf Beight. The wreck is broken down and scrapped.
She remained there until 10 October, during which time her bottom was cleaned of. Emden quickly inflicted grievous damage on her adversary; she turned around to make another pass at Zhemchug. Emden thereafter responsible and released an Italian freighter, whose crew relayed news of the incident to a British vessel, which in turn informed British naval authorities in the region. Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press. Get a whole bunch of puzzles, pay what you want, and help charity. The ring was completed in Wilhelmshaven, after which Emden returned to training cadets. By the end of February the revolt had been suppressed, and on single bar emden February the unprotected cruiser arrived to take over the German presence in the Carolines. This arrangement placed four gunswhich reduced the power of her difference, as only six guns could fire on either side, as opposed to eight.


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