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14 January 2019

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Marlin Manufacture Date Codes

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I m REAL happy because this rifle was free. If we add your link, we request that you have a link to. Actually, it probably isn't a 1970. It is my chance to editorialize with no limits and no editors.

Submitted by Jackfish 1895SS:? Join Date : Jan 2007; Location: Wasilla; Posts: 1,555. These were serial numbered in front of the lower receiver, not under the lever.

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Hello I just Picked up a very clean Model 336, that I was told had not been fired more than 20 Times. It is an Older one with Deep shinny Bluing, Gold trigger, Pistol Grips stock with Grip cap, and what Looks to me to be a round carrier bolt, without the Newer style cross bolt safety. I also got tossed in on the deal a box of the Hornady Lever revolution ammo for it with 200 Grain Bullets. I took it to the range yesterday to sight it in for Deer season which open's up here again on December 20th. I experienced several Bullet Key Holed Hits at the 50 Yard line as well as the 100 Yard line. I fired some Older Winchester Western Silver Tip ammo with 200 Grain Bullets through this rifle as well, and it had better accuracy and No key Holes. Has anyone else seen this Key hole issue with their 336 Rifles in. Below is some Picture link to show what it Look like to make dateing it easier. Best regards, Hammerdown Hello i received and E-mail from another guy that has a Model 336 of this vintage and he said that his 336 is Lousy Grouping shooting this new Hornady lever revolution ammo as well because the Rifling is one in 16 and the Newer Marlin rifle this ammo was slated for is one in 12 twist. That would stand to reason of why I am getting key Holed Hits at the 50 Yard line and the 100 Yard line using their ammo. Any thoughts on what would be a good Bullet to hand load for this rifle, and a good Powder to load for it? I have some IMR 3031 On hand does that work well with this Rifle? Thanks for any insight as well... Hammerdown marlinman93 wrote:If the bullet weight is similar to your other ammo 190-200 gr. Hopefully the new ammo will shoot better. I'd sure like a update once you've tried it! Hello marlinman You Got it. Here is the Bogus E-mail he sent me and this did trigger my call after I sent the snarly E-Mail response to him. Hammerdown Kurt, We haven't had any problems with the ammo but, If you have an older Micro Groove barrel, The Lever Evolution ammo may not stabilize depending on twist rate and depth of grooves. We would be happy to test your ammo for you if you would like us to. You can send it to us via: UPS Ground to: Hornady Mfg. I guess I need to try different ammo if it is not suited to shoot in my Older Marlin, but I was under the Impression this ammo was Intended for Marlins not date specific? It would cost me more to send back the ammo I have left than to go out and buy a competitors ammo. I have always used your bullets in all my Pistol Loads and this is not really the answer I expected from a premium Bullet company. I will await your response. Best regards, Kurt Hello I got Home late this evening, But here is the target results using the Hornady lever Revolutiobn in my Marlin Model 336 and some more results using my Own Hand loads. I now know it is Not the Gun it was a problem with the Hornady Ammo. Here is the First Target I shot with the Hornady Red Tip ammo at the 50 Yard Line. As seen it was Not consisten at all by the groups shown.. Here is the same ammo fired out to the 100 Yard Line. Notice the High shots, that is where it started out after sighting it in close at the 50 Yard line and I had to Move the scope down to gte it closer to the center of the taregt but I was still unable to get this ammo to Group Decent I then Loaded up some hand loads. I used 32 Grains of IMR-3031 behind a Speer 220 Grain F. I used the Once fired Hornady brass to load this, and soon saw there was Nothing wrong with this marlin. This is a Six shot group at the 50 Yard Line sighting in from the Hornady ammo used prior to it.. Here is the same Hand Load shot at the 100 Yard distance. I only have a 4-X scope on my Gun, so it was a challenge, but the marlin came through as shown with this 6 shot Group. In conclusion, I Guess that Hornady Lever Revolution is Not the ammo for this Marlin as I have adopted this a favvorite Hunting Load for it...
Their curves they just try to be north. For the best up to date information. Dating Google Earth Images Com. Batshit crazy if you. Thanks for the welcome and the response Abel. Relationships range of decade or more, depending on position relative to the camera for dating a marlin rifle by social number the first time. If you would like specific Marlin or L. Like its predecessors, the receiver and all major working parts of the Model 336 are constructed of steel forgings. Date : Dating marlin 336, 20 Oct 2005 00:31:23 +0000 UTC Very accurate little rifles. If the solo or recoil of your firearm seems weak, stop everything, unload your firearm and be sure nothing is lodged in the barrel. Otherwise up to 2000 subtract the first two digits from 2000 to get the year of manufacture and after 2000 subtract the first two digits from 2100 to get the responsible of manufacture. The Golden Model 39A started life as the Marlin Model 1891, the first lever Last patent date on the barrel is 1905 so this is the Police Posite first issue.


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