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14 January 2019

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Meet WordPress

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Hackers and criminals also want your information, which they can use for identity theft or fraud. It is also eaten with drained to make a tangy, creamy cheese , and bread and olive oil for breakfast, most commonly in Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Syria, and Lebanon, as well as other places in the Arab world. Ich bin : eine Frau; und suche : ein Mann; Wozu: zum Verlieben; Alter: 47; Bundesl. A traditional beverage in Oman is za'atar steeped in boiling water to make an herbal tea.

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Meet WordPress - StartPage never uses this kind of tracking cookie. We never store your IP address or other personal information, and we never hand it off to Google.

The Internet may give you access to the world, but it can also give the world access to you! With StartPage, you gain access to great search results while your personal information remains private. Our search engine doesn't make money from your personal information. We believe everyone has a right to privacy. It is unethical to profile you through your online searches and capture details of what you search for and what links you click. Just imagine a librarian following you around the library, recording everything you are reading! Google only sees us, they never see you. When you enter a search, we submit it to Google for you, so Google only sees that StartPage is searching for something. We get the results, strip out the tracking cookies, and deliver completely private, anonymous search results to you. We never store your IP address or other personal information, and we never hand it off to Google. You remain completely invisible. Every StartPage search offers a , which lets you visit websites anonymously by clicking the word 'Proxy' next to the search result. When you surf the web, your search engine is your best friend. You share your most intimate thoughts when you search for information. Other search engines secretly store all that data, register your IP address and place cookies – little tracking files – in your browser so they can follow you all over the Internet. They know everything you search for, when you’re searching, and what you find interesting. Other search engines use this data to target you with online advertisements that continuously follow you from website to website. Hackers and criminals also want your information, which they can use for identity theft or fraud. And, of course, the government wants your data, too. StartPage offers excellent search results without violating your privacy. How do we do this? By working hard not to store any information about you. No IP address, no search results, and no browser information. Of course, we never use. We never share your personal information with third parties, which is equally important. Everyone who values privacy as much as we do is our friend. It's a universal language. Please read our to learn how we handle data. It was a privacy nightmare. We invite you to take a look at the AOL file to see for yourself just how sensitive this information can be. You will be too. That means they receive fewer and fewer new or unexpected results, causing their world – and their minds – to shrink. If you'd rather broaden your horizons and explore the full Internet without censorship, then StartPage is the search engine for you! We give you neutral, balanced search results. To learn more about how this works, see our. With StartPage you can search anonymously. When you click “Proxy” next to a StartPage search result, we will retrieve the website for you and display it on our servers. The website never knows you saw it. Using the proxy is a little slower, but it's worth it to remain completely invisible. Many websites use tracking cookies with a unique ID number to follow you around the Internet. In Europe, websites are required to ask for permission to use cookies, but if you deny the request, many websites won't let you in. After all, without cookies they can't make money off of you. StartPage never uses this kind of tracking cookie. We do allow you to set your user preferences with us language, font size, etc. The settings cookie does not remember anything about you, except the settings you have selected during your visit. Even if you've set your browser to reject all cookies, you can still save your StartPage settings through our unique “URL generator. As always, we don't store or share your IP address, log your visit, or track you with cookies. Our private Google map lets you zoom in and out. However, the JavaScript scroll-and-drag feature is turned off to protect your privacy. When you search for a place name with StartPage, we retrieve a map from our own - offline - version of 'Open Street Map', that's updated frequently, and serve the results to you anonymously. Our map interface allows you to zoom in or out and move around freely, but contrary to other map services, we don't track you. As always, we don't share your IP address, log your visit , or track you with cookies, and we don't store any locations you visit with StartPage Maps. GET Prevent your search terms from being shared with third parties It's rather technical, but StartPage uses something called a POST instead of GET command, which prevents a common privacy problem: webmasters seeing what you’ve searched for when you land on their website. Your search terms can contain private and sensitive information. With the POST method, we make sure your search terms are never shared with third parties. Because of this privacy feature, when you click through to a website and then try to return to your StartPage search results, you may see an error message such as “the webpage has expired. ” To record or share your searches, you can use the “Bookmark this search” link at the top right of the search result page. Or you can simply disable “POST vs GET” on the. Simply visiting a page where these icons appear ensures that your visit to that page will be shared with Facebook and Twitter. That’s why we've invented a that gives you access to Facebook and Twitter without your privacy being violated. Privacy is based on trust. Here's why you can trust us to do what we say. In contrast, American companies can be forced to turn over user information to US government agencies, so, unfortunately, you can no longer trust them to handle your privacy securely. Thankfully, StartPage is legally exempt from any US data surveillance requirement. European governments would find it nearly impossible to engage in NSA-type spying. Your information is safe in Europe. After all, we can't hand over information we don't have. This certificate officially confirms that we keep our privacy promises. StartPage is the only third-party certified search engine in the world. StartPage is registered with the Dutch DPA under number M1346973. We've been perfecting private search since long before privacy was cool. Privacy distinguishes us from other search engines, and it's what we do best.
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