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14 January 2019

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Before 1998, it was expected that the expansion rate would be decreasing as time went on due to the influence of gravitational interactions in the Universe; and thus there is an additional observable quantity in the Universe called the , which most cosmologists expected to be positive and related to the matter density of the Universe. Se découvrir et se dévoiler dans le but d'un projet a long terme....

About 380,000 years after the Big Bang, the temperature of the Universe fell to the point where nuclei could combine with electrons to create neutral atoms. Modern data suggests that the rate of expansion of the Universe is not decreasing, as originally expected, but increasing; if this continues indefinitely, the Universe may eventually reach a.

- However, this existence does follow as a fairly straightforward consequence from otherwise unrelated scientific observations and theories. The present overall of this type of matter is very low, roughly 4.

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Will Rencontre sbh, et al. Most leptons and anti-leptons were then eliminated in reactions, leaving a small residue of leptons. Retrieved September 29, 2010. A Medico that is both homogeneous and isotropic looks the same from all vantage points and has no center. An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines 2nd ed. Journal of the History of Ideas. Two proposed forms for dark energy are thea constant energy density between space homogeneously, and such as ordynamic quantities whose energy density can vary in time and space.


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