How can we find the Model Number of a HP Laptop?


15 May 2019

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You can utilize model number to explicitly recognize your gadget to individuals endeavoring to support it, or to guarantee that a bit of equipment (e.g., a battery) is perfect with your workstation. 
Strategy1. Using the Product Label
1. Shut down your workstation. You can do this on any adaptation of Windows by holding down the workstation's capacity catch until the machine kills.

Ensure you spare and close all work before doing this.

On Windows Vista and up, you can tap the Start catch in the base left corner of the screen, click the power symbol, and snap shut down.

2. Unplug your PC from any power sources. This is to guarantee that you don't get stunned when you expel your PC's battery.
3. Turn your workstation over and evacuate its battery. Much of the time, you'll do as such by sliding a change to one side or right, holding it there, and delicately sliding the battery out.

On the off chance that there is a sticker on the base of your PC with item data, you should not have to evacuate the battery.
4. Discover the "Item" mark. Regularly, this name will be in an area separate from the "Administrative" some portion of the data here. By the "Item" mark will be a progression of numbers and letters; this is your HP PC's model number.
On the off chance that you can't discover "Item", search for a "Sequential" heading. While your PC's model number doesn't correspond to the sequential number, it's normally recorded some place beneath the sequential number.
5. Record the model number. In case you're regularly endeavoring to get help for your PC from a specialist, furnishing them with this number will probably accelerate the administration procedure.

Strategy2. Using System Information
1. Hold down ⊞ Win and press R. This will open the "Run" direction on any Windows PC.
On PCs running Windows 7 or later, you can likewise right-click the Start menu and after that click Run.

2. Type msinfo32 into Run. Do as such in the hunt bar to one side of the "Open:" heading.
3. Snap OK. This will open the Windows System Information utility, which contains insights concerning your particular model of PC.
4. Discover the "Framework SKU" segment. It's close to the center of the System Information page. The number inclined to one side of "Framework SKU" is your HP workstation's model number.
You can likewise discover your PC's item name in this window by taking a gander at the name beside the "Framework Model" class.
5. Record the SKU number. Giving this data to a tech or utilizing it to advise a look inquiry for drivers or equipment will guarantee that your PC gets relevant information.
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