15 May 2019

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Tricks and steps on how earn Free BTC and other coins with MycoinsGlobal.

No KYC. Email and phone number only.
if possible, please do not create multiple accounts to avoid ban.

Step 1. You need to register on the link below and click signup.

Your referral link is:

Step 2. after signing up, verify your email by clicking the link they sent you on your email. You can sign in after you've verified your account.

Step 3. go to "referral link" tab and copy your referral link and paste it on your notepad or anywhere where you can easily access it.

--before going into the tricks. here's how you will earn.--

if you share your referral link and someone click it, you will earn 0.00000814 MYCOINS Tokens even if they do sign up.

And if you get lucky and your visitor signed up under your referral link, you will earn 0.005 MYCOINS Tokens.

You will earn 0.025 MYCOINS Tokens too each time your referral make an external coin deposit.

With MYCOINS Tokens, you earn BTC profits each 20 minutes, or if you wish, trade the MYCOINS Tokens to BTC.

Step 4. on the "menu" button, click the "invest/ICO" and you will see how much Mycoins Tokens you've earned so far. Make sure that you "enabled" the email notifications so that you will be updated each time you recieve your profit.


after you've done all the above steps, follow this tutorial for the trick on how to generate lot of clicks to your referral link and earn without promoting your link (but you need to promote your link for more earnings).

Step 4. Go to playstore and download "Termux". it is a FREE app on google play for android and IOS.

open termux and wait until it is completely installed.

these are the commands. copy and paste it to termux one by one... remember to press "ENTER" every aftr the command...


pkg update

pkg upgrade

pkg install php

pkg install git

git clone

----now the auto-visitor script is installed and is ready for use. the next thing you should do is copy the referral link that you have saved on your notepad. we are going to generate clicks on it---

---open the autovisitor, here is the commands---

cd auto-visitor

php Moreno77.php

--after that. paste your referral link to where they want you to paste it. and hit enter.

then type how many clicks you want to generate to your link and wait for a couple of minutes. pls do not close termux or else the script will stop running.

example: 100, 1000, 100000 its totally up to you..

here is my termux screen::

~~~~~~[ AUTO VISITOR BLOG 2019 ]=~~~~~
<=====[ Tools By Moreno77 ]=====>
<=====[ Concact Me : +6285606753071 ]=====>
<=====[ ]=====>

[?] Website Target =>
[?] Jumlah Visitor => 100
[1] Sukses [ ]
[2] Sukses [ ]
[3] Sukses [ ]

for more info. message me on facebook


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