16 May 2019

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Organa keto
The name Maartje is fictional, the story is simplified. Eat less? No more! Whoever wants to lose a few pounds, is likely to eat less. That seems a logical step: if you eat less, you will take fewer calories and therefore lose weight. If you have a lot of discipline, it can work. However, anyone who reads the story of Maartje and tries to sense what that means for your daily life will soon come to the conclusion that it cannot be sustained for long. Whoever eats less quickly gets hungry. After all, you are used to eating more. What happens then? You are busy (not) eating all day. Your body sends out signals that it has an appetite: your stomach is grinding, you feel weak and light in your head, you have difficulty concentrating. What also often happens in the end is that you neatly adhere to your own regime during the day, but get so hungry around four that you eat a small thing. And then the gate of the dam is: you are hungry! This is the moment that many people grab (often unhealthy) snacks. They provide immediate satisfaction and taste (literally) for more.


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