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13 June 2019

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(⬇️ Pakibasa po hanggang baba ⬇️)
- Sa mga my CoinNess App na dati, Open na po ang pagredeem sa Mobile Legends, ROS & PUBG

Step 1:
✅ Register on this link ⬇️
- Sign up your Google or Facebook account
(Gawa kayo dummy Google acct. kung duda kayo!)

Step 2:
✅ Pagkatapos magregister, Click nyo yung Download to Withdraw
- Automatic mapupunta kayo sa PlayStore/AppStore
- Download CoinNess App

Step 3:
✅ Log in
- Open CoinNess App
- Click Sign Up to Receive CNNS
- Choose Google or Facebook na niregister mo para automatic mag Log in

Step 4:
✅ Bind your mobile number
- Go to Settings --> Account Settings & Bind your mobile number
✅ How to redeem?
- Go to Equity, choose ML, ROS or PUBG & enter your User ID

#Thank me later 👌


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