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14 June 2019

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Pandit NM Shrimali

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The two face Rudraksha is directly forming Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. It has also been called the form of Ardhanarishwar. By holding this Rudraksha, the blessings of Shiva and Shakti are received. However, this Rudraksha is originated in Nepal, Indonesia and many places in India, but Rudraksha, the two face of Nepal, has been considered as the best. In 2 Mukhi Rudraksha, Shiva and Mata Parvati reside. This Rudraksha is also called Deveshwar. The 2nd Mukhi Rudraksha is a representation of the moon god, so it gives the peace of the moon and its jury liberation from all the plagues and diseases. Whoever holds 2 Mukhi Rudraksha, all their wishes are fulfilled. It is said that 2 Mukhi rudraksha proved beneficial for the Cancer zodiac. Those who worship Shiva Shakti should wear them with Rudraksha. Anyone who holds two faces Rudraksha is happy with their married life. Do Mukhi Rudraksha gives freedom from any type of fight, debt, etc. Obesity, heart disease, lung disease, etc. Rudraksha gives relief from many diseases. This two-faced Rudraksha has also been considered as good for the mindset of marriage between Suda Joints. 2 Mukhi rudraksha between the Guru-disciple, between the father-son, ends the tension in the relationship between husband-wife and between friends. Anyone who carries this Rudraksha enhances respect with respect to that person’s field. In the person whose life has some kind of sin in him, and in his last time, if the person holds 2 Mukhi Rudraksha, even after being a sinner, he gets the heaven after death. According to Mahashiva Purana, if anybody has a great sin like killing a Brahmin or killing a Brahma, then he will get rid of his sins by holding 2 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Where is the two face rudraksha born?
Rudraksha is a vegetable seed, in this mountainous region where there are more dense forests and the water tends to be less there, its trees are born; Seeds from one mouth to thirty faces are planted on the same tree, mostly Rudraksha five But there is also a charisma of nature, that from the same tree, one face and two faces like Rudraksha are also born, it only happens with some type of planetary warrior. As in Rahu period or in the time of eclipse, the child of any creature born in the time of eclipse is called gahania, either many hands become feet or many tongs or mouth or teeth become, the organism is dependent on nature and therefore the creatures are thus Not able to observe the organism, but there is such a strong potential within the vegetation that it also shows its seeds and makes enchantment. The two face Rudraksha is on the same tree which in the time of eclipse a flower fertilizes the pollen, or many flowers fertilize the action, the more flowers form the ghananiya and they take many faces. Gauri Shankar Phul is also the same type of Rudraksha. This fruit is mostly grown in dense forests of Assam, is born in the hills of Nepal, and also occurs in cold climatic places, but Rudraksha, which is grown on Kamakhya mountain, is also considered as the most important because it is Power is born at the place of power and they are filled with their power. Let's start by giving chanting of Jap and worship with your whole body with body and mind Is.

The glory of two face Rudraksha
Our India year is the country of the system. The recognition of the instrument mechanism in this country is given only because, because the physical system is only positively cropped in time, like a motor vehicle to come, but the mechanisms which are spiritually fertile, only the glory of their Understanders only understand. The operation of this machine in the body is also running with Yatra mantras and mechanisms. The ability to visualize the eyes by looking at the eyes, and the ability to remember those who have seen through the eyes and to know it on time, is possible only on the basis of prior experience. What is said after talking to the mouth and what can be its effect is based on the brain experience. If there is no experience, then after the abuse, the body will have to suffer, and there is already experience that after abusing the body, even a person can be killed, then why should he abusive? In the same way, after listening to Kano, which is not a pre-experience, it is considered useless to understand, as if someone only knows the Hindi language and he has to go to Akamat Tamilnadu, then what can he understand, but who is already Tamil The language knows that he will feel the knowledge of Tamil itself, he can understand all the things in a relaxed manner and can say all things, but without the prior experience and learned knowledge possible Itself. In the same way, the sentences that are spoken by mouth are also in a way affecting the nervous system of the body. As there is tension in the body when you say something to an excuse, after saying something, if the matter is not considered then there is negative emotion and irritability in the mind, repeatedly answering something or repeatedly answering Even if no one understands, then the brain starts to rotate and the reasons are seen. The brain has an important role to play in the operation of the body, the mantra effect is born only by remembering it. As it is necessary to handle the use of a machine and the part it takes in it and to open it, it is necessary to get a different sized wrench, in the same way by looking at snoring on the body to avoid any kind of effect. The effects that occur on touch are the ones who increase and decrease the speed of the body. Within the body, the same kind of effects begins to appear as we think, do it, listen and understand. The two face Rudraksha means that a vegetable which gives effect to touching the body by touching it, but there is no special machine to measure its criterion. Today, in the era of competition, it has come to sell their goods and sell counterfeit goods for the sake of earning more profits than cheap goods, people sell their goods according to their maximum benefits and after that its effect There is nothing to do with what is right or wrong.

Benefits of two face Rudraksha
Respect increases in the field of its holder, increasing appearance, beauty, and speech. Husband increases the perceptual happiness of the wife by reducing the mutual differences. With its hold, the obstacle of the ghost. ghost is also removed and all kinds of desires gradually start moving towards completion. According to Mahashivpurana, the holder of the two-face Rudraksha, Brahma can be free from the sin of killing and singing. Two faces Rudraksha comes in the jurisdiction of Lord Chandra Dev. By holding it, the moonlight like moonlight is given in the mind. If a person has done many types of sins in life and in the last state, if he has two face Rudraksha, then in spite of being a sinner in life, heaven is attained after posthuman, hence every person should be blessed with Lord Shiva Nepalese should wear two face rudraksha.

The person who starts the new work by wearing two faces Rudraksha; It always achieves success.
The person who wears this Rudraksha gets the virtue (meritorious act) to donate 108 cows.
Using two face rudraksha gives relief from obesity, eye blues, heart, lung, and other diseases.
By adopting this, peace of mind gives peace to the moon.
The quadruped Rudraksha is blessed with wealth and goodwill and blesses the peaceful and holistic family life.
Mantra to hold two face Rudraksha
The mantra of wearing two faces of Rudraksha is “ॐ नमः”, “ॐ नमः शिवाय” and “ॐ नमः दुर्गाए”. “ॐ अर्ध्नारिश्वराए नमः" If this great mantra is done every 5 days, then the special grace of Shiva and Mother Parvati starts to come.


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