Dead By Daylight


14 June 2019

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Cranial Storm is the game we play here at Darkhardt's Domain. We simply refer to it as "The Game" most often.  There are many facets to the game and it may make it seem overwhelming. If that is the case don't worry just keep watching and you'll start to understand it fully. The Game is an attempt to make this a fully interactive stream. It is also just beginning so many, many changes to it will come.

A note on general civility in the game. Making Trigger Bets and Challenges may be confusing to the new viewer if that is the case remember that you are earning prestige while you watch. You will learn how to play by watching so it makes sense to just keep watching. Polling and Betting will be video game specific. All Dead by Daylight commands will begin with !DBD... All Rimworld commands will begin with !RW... All Mordhau commands will begin with !MH. I or one of my Mods will announce what stage of voting or betting we are conducting at the moment. I understand accidents happen. If you run a command out of turn, no matter if before I begin the process, after I end it or just at random moments, I will refund your prestige completely the first two times. The third time I will assume you are trolling and I will only refund half. At infraction 4 I will not refund your prestige. If it is obvious trolling I may not refund even your first out of place challenge or personal vote and it may result in an immediate ban.

To understand The Game you must understand the Ranking procedure. When you join my stream you instantly start earning prestige on your road to the top rank on my stream. In the beginning however you start as unranked or "outer circle". These ranks are important because your rank determines different !commands that you can run. These commands are usually a request for me to do something or play a certain way. Running these commands is called "Triggering". They play differently depending on the game I am playing so see how they work before using them in the game specific rules. The ranks are listed below and how to attain them.

Unranked - just come into my stream and you are unranked. :)
Fifth Circle - just have more than 10K prestige and you will be fifth circle
Fourth Circle - Just have more than 100K prestige and you are fourth circle
Third Circle - Just have more than 1 million prestige and be a subscriber and you will be third circle
Second Circle - Just have 10 million or more prestige and be a subscriber and you will be second circle
Inner Circle - Just have 100 million prestige and be a subscriber and you will be inner circle
Core - Just have more than 1 billion prestige and be a subscriber and you will be a member of my Core.

So I know what you are thinking 1 billion prestige will take someone forever to earn but there are so many ways to earn prestige.

The easiest ways to earn prestige are:

Follow me on Twitch: If you follow me on Twitch you will automatically receive 5000 prestige so you're already half way to 5th circle
Follow me on Twitter: If you follow me on Twitter I will gift you 5000 prestige at the end of my stream. Make sure to let me know you followed me or I won't know to give you prestige.
Subscribe: Every time you pay a level 1 subscription fee you will earn 10K prestige. So 1 sub and you're already fifth circle
Viewing: For every 5 minutes you view you earn 50 prestige.
Being Active: earns you 5 prestige. Come on you know you have something to say!!!!
Raiding: Every time you raid me it's another 500 prestige in your pocket.
Hosting: Every time you host me you'll earn 500 prestige.
Brain Storm: I will periodically shower chat with random amounts of prestige.

These methods will keep you in prestige but it will take a very long time to earn Core at this rate. That is why Betting is very important in The Game.

Earning by Participating in the game:

Gaming and Betting:

As a general rule of thumb most games start out with a Poll, sometimes 2. For Example Dead by Day will start with an initial poll to determine if Chat wants me to play survivor or killer. After that poll has been resolved another poll will begin choosing my survivor/killer. Polling will cost you 10 prestige. To vote in a poll type !Vote (*).

After polling has been completed "Mass" Betting begins which means everyone in chat can put currency on the line. These bets depend on the game that I am playing so check "video game" specific rules for what types of bets will be issued. To place a bet type !bet (*)(amount) after I have initiated a bet.

Placing - Placing is running the initial command mentioned above, called Triggering, will trigger a personal bet or a request which is as the name implies a bet between me and 1 member of chat or something a member of chat requests. Placing has a certain cost associated with each Trigger. A list of Triggers can be found in "video game" specific rules.

Uping: Placing is the bare minimum the viewer has to bet on that certain wager but they can also "Up" which is betting up to 5 times the prestige you wager on the initial "Placing". So if the initial wager is 1000 prestige they can "UP" to wager 5000 prestige. All bets will be rounded to the nearest thousand.

Emblems are certificates of rank that can be purchased for half a rank. For example A third circle emblem will cost 5 million Since 10 million is how much you need to make third circle. Emblems protect your rank. Example. You are second circle and a string of unluckiness forces you down to just 11 million (highly unlikely), you can use your Level 2 emblem go all the way back up to 100 million. If the viewer allows their prestige to drop to lower than third circle in this instance their emblem is worthless until they reach 10 million prestige again.

Great Clip: Tune me into a great soundbite that I use in The Game and I will reward you depending on the complexity of the clip, and if I use it or not.

Note All things after this point are a part of the game but have not yet been implemented. I hope to do this within the next week.

Challenge: These can be issued by ranked viewers for whatever amount of prestige they want to risk but it must be a minimum of 10K. After Placing the viewer will tell me what they want me to do. I will tell them how much additional prestige they have to bet and give them odds. If they agree we proceed with the challenge if they don't I refund the Challenge Placing. A command which costs the person throwing it down an initial "Placing" cost which will be listed. (Note Challenges will be coming soon)

String Clips: String Clips is a sub game in which a viewer requests the command which triggers a soundbite that is a piece of a larger soundbite. After completing the entire bite they will be awarded 12% of the level of complexity the bite fits into which is determined by how far into the circle you have to be run the highest level command.

Example: Someone wants to cash in on the "Strange Brew Line Up" clip. This is a four soundbite clip. I put two of the "commands" that trigger these on Rimworld Days, 1 on Mordhau, and 1 on Dead by Daylight. The two pieces of the bite are located on an outer circle trigger. One is on a fourth circle command. The dead by day light is on a outer circle command and the Mordhau is on a fifth circle trigger. The viewer has to be fourth circle to run the highest level command. They get 12% of level four if they run the whole bite so 120K.

Certain bites will be available during different games so the viewer will have 1 week to complete the entire clip.
The next week another set of clips will be announced.

Bites of Power:
A Bite of Power is a single sound bite that I will tweet out. In the tweet I will give an amount and a time limit for how long the bite of power will be active. If anyone comes onto the stream and plays this bite during that time frame I will give away the amount I tweeted out earlier to everyone present.

Example: I tweet out Army of Darkness - Bruce Campbell - Groovy for 10K for 1 hour
People see this and use prestige to buy this trigger a total of four times in the time frame allotted. Everyone in chat will get up to 40K

Personal Bites of Power:
Like their name implies they only work for the person running the "Trigger" but they will also pay out at five times the amount it cost
to run the Trigger.


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