Do Air Coolers Work in Summer Heat?


15 August 2019

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Do Air Coolers Work in Summer Heat?

Everyone knows that it is uncomfortable working in a warm or sticky room, but what they may not realise is that it is not just the temperature that affects how bad it feels. The humidity plays a major role also, just like the great outdoors.

Before you purchase an appliance for trying to control the temperature/comfort, it is well worth purchasing a hygrometer first, which will show the room’s temperature and relative humidity. Ideally, the room should be between 20C and 22C (18C for a bedroom) with a relative humidity of 40% to 60%.

In this example to the right, a hygrometer was placed in a room where I felt quite sticky. As the hygrometer shows, the temperature is ideal, but the relative humidity is very high. In Ireland, it is quite common to see the humidity exceed 70% indoors in the summer. In this example the weather was warm, hazy and humid outside.


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