Lyndsey Wert



13 September 2019

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Lyndsey Wert lived at Jeffery Epstein's apartment complex at 301 E 66th Apt 2c New York, NYb 10065.  Jeffery Epstein sold it to himself on both sides of the transaction from Leslie Wexner with Leslie Wexner's power of attorney. All the women named in an agreement for testimony, who were accused of helping to coordinate or physically participating in Epstein's sex trafficking operation — Marcinkova, Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross, Lesley Groff — shared that common: the 66th St. address. Sara A Friedman is also listed in the White Pages at that address particularly in Apt 2c and is a "massage therapist", the same title as many in Epstein's employ. Sara also practices massage at Saravina in Park Slope near Park Slope Physicians Services where Matthew Wert practices. Lyndsey Wert's landline number redirects to Igor Kletsmam Md UPPER EAST SIDE MED PC 416 E 76TH ST 4TH FL NEW YORK, NY 10021 Phone Number: 212-988-2984 through Verizon which enables call forwarding. Dr Kletsman has numerous NPI numbers. Igor shares another office and location at 520 Neptune with Galina Kletsman certified in Osteopathic medicine thus narcotic certified. Galina Kletsman practices also through Maimonides Medical Center with Matthew Wert. Galina Kletsman also practices at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with Matthew and Sanford Wert. Sanford Wert stacks numerous companies through the same locations which is a tactic of the Russian Mafia that orginated with Sam Kislin. Those companies include Dr. Chubangbang who was arrested for trafficking oxycodone.  Lyndsey is employed by Mayne Pharmacuetical which has 67 drugs in the US These drugs are contraceptive and dermatological except for morphine, 11 types of meth amphetamine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, 4 types of clozipine and 9 types on fentanyl. All these drugs have street value. Lyndsey Wert has the most high paying job as sales representative at 95k almost 20% more than average. Remote actors in big cities seem to preclude any actual pharmaceutic industry. The Australian pharmacy is just now getting a foothold for Mayne in 3301 BENSON DR STE 401 RALEIGH, NC 27609. . Mayne claims to sell medical supplies and oncology medicine both of which is untrue. Medical supplies have exchanged hands in the past and Mayne gives a small portion of profit to HedgePath which does make medicine for cancer.  Lyndsey Wert is listed as host of "50 Shades of Purple" penthouse party at the Hotel Gavensvort on Park Avenue. Though this party claims to be a gala for Heather on Earth bringing music to kids the penthouse party of Gansevoort has larger than life nude women making out as the bar decor and a Las Vegas pinup girl on the base of the pool The Gansevoort co-runs parties with the Marquee which lines up escorts with gentlemen in  its vaulted ceiling envrionment. The singly listed women presenting the gala are young and employed largely by fashion including model talent scouts. Danielle Epstein for instance has a strong proclivity for scant and tight fitting photoshoots: Other gala hosts like Erin Kamlet and Heather Goldfarb model Poshmark clothing. Miko Piwko is a model Leslie Fastenburg is a "Model Talent Scout" Other young female gala hosts like Jillian Lieberman are living still in apartments till recently paid for by parents. and interests seem to stop around the perfect "sugarlips" Another gala host Amber Howard is 20
with a literacy level of about 5th grade. Even women with legitimate real estate licenses still fit an attractive young mold like Vanessa Mander Lyndsey Wert went to the Fashion Institute. Lyndsey fits the format of women that Jeffery Epstein employed as does the women at the "50 shades of Purple Penthouse Party". The Gavensvort is part owned by Arik Kislin of the Russian Mafia and William Achenbaum- whose airplanes like Wexner's have been used for smuggling and trafficking; Wexner also being Russian. In the Shapiro murder file, personally ordered destroyed by Columbus Chief of Police James Jackson, Wexner is listed as an alleged organized crime associate. Lyndsey like Danielle Epstein went to the other side of the country when Jeffery Epstein was arrested. The Kislin's control subsidiaries of their Air Rutter company at ports around the country. The base of operations is now called Alerion but has always been office based at Long Beach California which is a major port of fentanyl. Henry Kislin remains stationed at Long Beach to care for Alerion affairs through the office although no Kislin's list themselves as principle representatives after they were linked to a 20 ton shipment of cocaine in 2007. The Gulfstream II jet plane with tail number N987SA was initially traced to William Achenbaum, a wealthy New York real estate tycoon. Mr. Achenbaum says that the jet plane was being managed by Air Rutter International that according to the New York Post is owned by Arik Kislin of Long Island in New York (See New York Post'CRASH JET HAD AIR OF MYSTERY' ). Kislin and Achenbaum are principals of the Hotel Gansevoort in New York. (See New York Post 'SHADY 'INN' CROWD')Arik Kislin is the nephew of Semyon Kislin that the Center for Public Integrity alleges is a powerful Russian Mafia member.



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