Why You Should Care About Agario

24 April 2024

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It can be surprising which apps rise to the top, there is not one formula or set of rules that apply. We are constantly looking at our data, keeping an eye out for the latest trends taking over the charts. Today we want to touch on the newest mobile gaming app phenomenon, Agar.io. On Monday, it was the #2 iPhone app in the United States Games category based on downloads and ranked in the top 3 overall on iPhone and Google Play in Ireland, New Zealand and France.

Agar.io is a multiplayer strategy action game where players take control of cells. These cell avatars start small but grow each time they devour pellets and other player cells. This creates a competitive nature where players strive to become the biggest cell while avoiding being swallowed by the competition.
A Quick Rise to the Top

Agar.io has only been live in the App Store and Google Play for three weeks, but has remained a top-ranking game in over 40 countries, including the US, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. From July 7th - July 22nd, the game was the #1 download on iPhone and featured multiple times in the Best New Games categories for the US, Canada, Brazil and Turkey. Agar.io also appears as the #1 result when searching for “multiplayer” in the US App Store for iPad.

Agar.io jumped to the #1 rank Overall, as well as Games, shortly after its July 7th release.

While many users are discovering Agar.io from store frontpages and searching keywords, others already know that it’s a popular game. The mobile version of Agar.io is only weeks old, but was previously released for web browsers back in April.

Agar.io’s designer Matheus Valadares (who also goes by the screen names Zeach and M28 on Reddit and Steam, respectively) first launched a Java-based web version of the game among popular online communities, such as 4chan and Reddit. It was through these sites that Agar.io’s notoriety grew, eventually being played and recorded by people on video sites such as Twitch and YouTube.

By May, a Steam version was Greenlit by the user community, allowing Valve to work closer with Valadares to publish Windows, Mac and Linux versions. Most recently, in July, Miniclip produced the iOS and Android versions of the game, which quickly reached hit status in its first weekend.

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