'Minecraft: Story Mode' Comes to the Wii u on the 21st Of January

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18 September 2022

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Those of you with a Wii U have been missing out on Minecraft: Story Mode, created by Mojang and Telltale Games, the indie developer behind The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones games. Mc titan launcher However, that's about to change. Telltale today announced that Minecraft's narrative-based game will be coming to Nintendo's console in a matter of days, on January 21st.

As of now, the game had been available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC, as well as iOS and Android it has released a total of five different episodes for all platforms. The Wii U version will launch with Episode 1: The Order of the Stone. However, the rest of the episodes are scheduled to be released at a later time.

Each episode will cost $5 to download from eShop. Or you can pay $20 for the Season Pass which gives access to episodes 2 to 5.

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