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25 June 2022

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No more problems installing mods, just select your mods to begin.



- Selectable environment – Automatic version detection and automatic library download – Window configurable size, and also the ability to maximize. A selectable Minecraft folder Java executableJava memory limitJava custom parameters - Display error logs - Multiple user profiles — Remember passwords - Modifications to Configuration Profiles

- METAINF does NOT need to be deleted. Minecraft servers is automatically mod compatibility testing external mods detection and compatibility checking. There are shortcuts to the external mods folder. Mods that can be configured - automatic mod requirements checking (ModLoader and ModLoaderMP), Forge, GuiAPI). Design (screenshots).


- Reddit - Twitter - Blogspot ...


Get all MagicLauncher versions here:

Download MagicLauncher 1.3.4. Fixed Reddit RSS feed, increased limit on accounts up to 100, improved handling derived profiles (Forge + LiteLoader), fixed the $version_type option in the main menu): Windows, Mac, Windows/Mac/Linux mirrors: Windows, Mac, Windows/Mac/Linux

Note for Minecraft 1.6.2+


Double-click the downloaded file to launch MagicLauncher.

Versions older


Common problems can be solved



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