Gustavo Petro, Winner of the Historic Pact: Lights and Shadows

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12 May 2022

Views: 44 ">Gustavo Petro was confirmed as the Candidate on Sunday. He has been marking the elections for several weeks and has been favored.

(Position of Candidates to the Historic Pact On Pensions and Inflation).

The win was won by Bogota's former senator and mayor of the Republic. This officially qualifies him for the presidency of the Republic which that he is aspiring to for the third time. in the polls makes to him being the most representative persona of the Colombian left and a firm candidate to be president despite his controversial plans and views on a variety of fronts, including the one on economics. has stated that he plans to alter the pension system via the establishment of a public administrator for pension funds. Petro also plans to establish a system that is "mixed-and-complementary" and private fund.

According to Petro, there is no system of pensions in Colombia. However banks make profits. have said that Petro would eliminate any possibility of becoming as president. However, Petro recently said that he will not abolish them however, he would like to reform the pension system to ensure a minimum pension for Colombians. Petro has also stated there's "no necessity" to raise the pension age.

(Who make up the Historic Pact's list of possible candidates). is the fact that he's repeatedly stated that he will end oil extraction before he takes office. This has been an issue that has created anxiety among investors.

Experts say Petro's idea of ending oil exploration would have a devastating effect on Colombia, costing Colombia $4.3 trillion.

I also suggest to establish an anti-oil front within the region and across the globe. This would help shift the economy away form fossil fuels. In this regard I am inviting Gabriel Boric (the new Chilean president) and LuizInacio Lula da Silva (the Brazilian LuizInacio Lula da Silva) and others.

Petro said he had spoken to Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain about his proposal.

His position regarding health concerns is also controversial. He is insistent on ending EPS in order to replace it with a model of prevention which "guarantees both the rights of the people and the profit of bankers". raised questions about the independence and legitimacy of the Banco de la Republica.

Petro claimed that the Bank Board of Directors of the Bank was part of the Democratic Center, a political party. "What we seek, however, is a truly independent Bank of the Republic (...) and it appears to us essential to ensure that the Board of Directors is represented by the entire community," the candidate said during the debate.

Invamer claims that Petro has the presidency's in voting intentions.

It was a controversial idea that he suggested issuing money to finance government spending. FRANCISCO PETRO URREGO.pdf of Petro's plans is an economy that doesn't depend on fossil fuels, mining and extraction of hydrocarbons, and increasing importance to agriculture.

He also stated that he would implement a tax reform to eliminate exemptions, and to transform the concept of minimum wage into a wage dependent on capital and income.

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