It's A Wonderful Wife - Chapter 5

Author: fbbd2725eb

13 October 2021

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I brought up my other hand to her pussy as I kept licking around her clit and slid a finger inside her. I stroked against the texture of the inside of her vagina. Her breathing again quickened along with her gentle moans, and I closed my lips around her clit, sucking lightly. As I quickened my pace, I felt her ass clench in my grip and, pressing my head more with her hands, grinded against my mouth. I kept building the pace to a furious pitch, until finally she came. With each pulse, her back arched, her ass clenched hard and her pussy squeezed my finger tight. I kept sucking and stroking to meet each pulse and felt her juices flowing freely down my finger onto my hand. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - It took Bridget a few minutes but she eventually was able to take the entire 8-inches down her throat. It only cost her a lot of spit and gagging, but her relentless determination paid off. Dewayne was amazed that she was able to take the whole thing. He was also amazed at Janelle’s “encouragement.”

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