This Minecraft Flying Mod Lets You Ride On Phantoms

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18 July 2022

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Minecraft allows many wondrous things, like making it the home of your Dungeons & Dragons game or modding it into an edgy version of Elden Ring. Although for the moment, players can only ride on ground-based creatures One Redditor decided create an Minecraft flying mod to take to the skies as an eagle-like ghost.

Reddit user Ameito studied the building game and concluded that players should have the ability to mount winged creatures. Ameito chose to experiment with the phantom, one of many flying Minecraft mobs. The phantom, an undead mob, spawns only if a player hasn’t been asleep or died in game for three or more days. It is so unique that players might not have ever seen one.

Ameito's mod lets players ride the mysterious creatures by using an ender's eye to control them. "When you throw an ender's eye at the phantom," the modder says, "it will kill it and summon an invisible llama as well as another phantom with certain tags. The Phantom is always teleported into a llama position, so that when you climb the llama, it appears as if you're riding the Phantom.

This could also be a magical experience for a lot of us, but the end result is that you can take off on a terrifying black creature of the night. The phantom is undead , and typically burns in the daytime. However, Mega blog has disabled that feature to avoid mid-flight issues. It's a fun little modification, but one that opens up a variety of potential options - sky races, perhaps?