Unwilling Nude Models

19 June 2023

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If you don’t want to read it that’s okay.

Unwilling Nude Models

I live behind a very popular bar. Actually I live one street over but the back of our property lines touch and I can see the back of the bar very well from my bedroom window.

Like I said it was a pretty popular bar and it does a lot of business, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I can tell when the waiting line at the lady’s room gets too long because the girls start coming out back to pee.

There is a gate in the fence that separates the bar from my backyard. I installed the gate so that the owner of the bar could send someone over on Sunday mornings to pick up all of the beer cans and bottles that get tossed into my yard every weekend. It was part of a deal we made so that I would stop calling the police and trying to get him shut down. Plus he brings over a case of my favorite beer and a bottle of my favorite alcohol as compensation. I seem to keep up with the beer but I’m way ahead on the bottles of alcohol.

I started leaving the gate open on those busy evenings. The girls were always trying to find someplace to squat without getting seen by some slobbering drunk so I provided a place for them to do that, my backyard. They would come through in pairs or even in groups of five or six. They assumed that they were safe and I liked it that way.

I installed some soft lights in my backyard to help illuminate the area along the fence. It allowed me to take better pictures of these squatting girls. Some of the women would face the fence and give me an ass view but most were too drunk or had to pee so badly that they really didn’t care. I felt sorry for some of the girls that carefully pushed their tight pants and their sexy panties to their ankles, squatted down carefully, and then peed all over their pants soaking them in piss. Other girls would lift their short skirts or dresses and remove their panties to pee. Often they would toss them into my yard. Those I collected!

Occasionally one girl would pass out in my yard while peeing and her friends would just leave her there. On those occasions I would go out and lock the gate from my side. Then I would take as many pictures as I could of her on the ground. Of course I would lift her blouse or unbutton it and expose her tits too. I would search her pockets for her identification and photograph that too. I liked to know who they were and where they lived. Usually I put her back together and opened the gate again so that her friends could come back and retrieve her later.

Some of the older women got a little different treatment, especially if they were pretty and they were all pretty that came to this bar. I would completely undress these women and pose them in the grass in sexy positions. I would even fuck them, using a condom of course, and then photograph their well-used pussies. I made sure to get their identification that’s for sure. Those ladies were left lying out behind the bar completely nude with their clothes scattered about after I took more pictures of them like that. Occasionally a man goes out back to pee and when he sees a naked passed out woman he just has to fuck her and then he has to go back inside and tell all of his buddies about her. I have seen a line of twenty guys waiting for their turn to fuck a passed out woman. After several of the guys have had their way with her I usually call the bar owner and let him know that there is something strange happening out back. He usually goes right out and makes the guys scatter. Then he and one of his waitresses take the ravished woman inside to clean her up, put her back together, and try to get her sober enough to go home. Not once have I ever been questioned by the police over one of these incidents.

Now it is a lot easier to blackmail a married woman into cooperating after showing her the pictures than it is a single college girl that has probably shown it all to the world anyway on the Internet or at a wet T-shirt contest or a concert.

At first they are always in shock, then they try to deny that it is a picture of them, and then they promise to do ‘anything’ that I want them too if I promise not to show the pictures to their husbands.

Now ‘anything’ apparently means something entirely different to me than it does to them. Because when I tell them that I want to take twelve hundred pictures of them totally nude and fuck them twenty-four times they get all bent out of shape. I remind them about their ‘anything’ pledge and then explain that I want to take a hundred pictures a month for the next year and to fuck them before and after posing.

They cry, then they beg, and then they try to plea-bargain me down to almost nothing. However I’m the one in charge and they know that they can not do ‘anything’ about it and will have to do ‘anything’ that I request. As soon as they realize that then I tell them that I want to start right then. Of course that starts a whole series of excuses like there isn’t enough time, the kids might come home from school, or their husband might show up at any time. I explain that I have been watching her house for a while and know the schedule pretty well and that if she keeps stalling that she will get caught. Reluctantly they will always cooperate.

Of course I start to take pictures of them as they undress in their own living room with the curtains open and they try to count them as part of the hundred. I remind them about the ‘totally nude’ clause and then remind them about the before fuck. This is the moment of truth. If they get past this I’ve won. They are mine and not just for the next eleven months either.

I set my digital camera on a small tripod that I carry. I have her get in position on the floor and aim it, getting her centered in the picture. I hit my remote control to make sure that it fires. It does!

Then I get naked and get between her outstretched legs and start taking a few pictures as I slowly insert my cock and start to slowly fuck her. Then after awhile I have her get on top and fuck me. Those are always the best pictures because their body shows much better and they are in control. It doesn’t look as if I’m pinning them down and forcing them to have sex with me. They are free to get up and leave but they don’t. They fuck the heel of themselves to make me cum and get it over with as quickly as possible. I always get those close up cum shots afterwards too.

Then for the next couple of hours I have them pose in every room in the house in very sexy ways. I will have them wear a transparent negligée or one of their husband’s shirts unbuttoned. I tell them that those pictures will count toward the hundred. I am in no hurry to finish the hundred pictures. Actually I’m training her to enjoy modeling for me. When I have about ten pictures left I have her give me a blowjob and swallow. She knows better than to complain and even shows the cum puddle on her tongue to the camera before swallowing it.

As I’m leaving I tell her that I’ll be back sometime next month.

I will pop in at my convenience not hers. I want her to be on edge constantly never knowing when I’ll be knocking on her door. I make it a habit of catching each woman at least once on the last day of the month and then coming right back the very next day on the first of the month just to shake her up. I also ask her when her menstrual cycle is due. I like to catch them at their worst when they are most venerable and the most embarrassed.

At the end of their year I tell them that they are all paid up and free to end our relationship if they want too. Then I suggested that I would like to renew it for another year if they don’t mind. No one has ever said no to my renewal offer!

The End
Unwilling Nude Models

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