How to Share your Paste on Facebook

Sharing on Facebook can sometimes have a few extra steps and you might need to try a few different methods.

Method 1: Use the Facebook app

The Facebook app has no restrictions for sharing content. Copy your Paste’s direct link to your clipboard and go into your Facebook app and paste it in. Both of these buttons copy the same link.

Method 2: Use the Facebook share button in your sharing panel

You will be able to share your paste directly onto Facebook and into groups by using the sharing popup. Facebook may require you to fill out a recaptcha before posting.

Method 3: Use the Alternative Facebook sharing link

We’ve set up as a short link for sharing on Facebook. It will redirect after a few seconds directly to your paste. Both of these buttons copy the same link.

Paste this link into Facebook to share it as normal.

Method 4: Use the security settings

Facebook will crawl the contents of your paste and automatically decide if it should be banned. If you use either security setting (captcha or login), Facebook won’t be able to read your paste. Of course, if a post goes against our own terms and conditions, we will need to remove it ourselves.

After this, try the other methods again.

These methods might have some problems:

Sharing by copying in the link directly using a PC and a browser.

This method of sharing seems to trigger a bug with Facebook, they say ‘complete the security check’, but the captcha does not appear. Instead, try to use Method 2 above.

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