Statistics on Sodomites


25 July 2018

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Statistics on Sodomites

• One study reports 70% of homosexuals admitting to having sex only one time with over 50% of their partners (3).
• One study reports that the average homosexual has between 20 and 106 partners per year (6). The average heterosexual has 8 partners in a lifetime.
• Many homosexual sexual encounters occur while drunk, high on drugs, or in an orgy setting (7).
• Many homosexuals don’t pay heed to warnings of their lifestyles: "Knowledge of health guidelines was quite high, but this knowledge had no relation to sexual behavior" (16).
• Homosexuals got homosexuality removed from the list of mental illnesses in the early 70s by storming the annual American Psychiatric Association (APA) conference on successive years. "Guerrilla theater tactics and more straight-forward shouting matches characterized their presence" (2). Since homosexuality has been removed from the APA list of mental illnesses, so has pedophilia (except when the adult feels "subjective distress") (27).
• Homosexuals account for 3-4% of all gonorrhea cases, 60% of all syphilis cases, and 17% of all hospital admissions (other than for STDs) in the United States (5). They make up less than 1% of the population.
• Homosexuals live unhealthy lifestyles, and have historically accounted for the bulk of syphilis, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, the "gay bowel syndrome" (which attacks the intestinal tract), tuberculosis and cytomegalovirus (27).
• 73% of psychiatrists say homosexuals are less happy than the average person, and of those psychiatrists, 70% say that the unhappiness is NOT due to social stigmatization (13).
• 25-33% of homosexuals and lesbians are alcoholics (11).
• 78% of homosexuals are affected by STDs (20).
• Judge John Martaugh, chief magistrate of the New York City Criminal Court has said, "Homosexuals account for half the murders in large cities" (10).
• Captain William Riddle of the Los Angeles Police says, "30,000 sexually abused children in Los Angeles were victims of homosexuals" (10).
• 50% of suicides can be attributed to homosexuals (10).
• Dr. Daniel Capron, a practicing psychiatrist, says, "Homosexuality by definition is not healthy and wholesome. The homosexual person, at best, will be unhappier and more unfulfilled than the sexually normal person" (10). For other psychiatrists who believe that homosexuality is wrong, please see National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.
• It takes approximately $300,000 to take care of each AIDS victim, so thanks to the promiscuous lifestyle of homosexuals, medical insurance rates have been skyrocketing for all of us (10).
• Homosexuals were responsible for spreading AIDS in the United States, and then raised up violent groups like Act Up and Ground Zero to complain about it. Even today, homosexuals account for well over 50% of the AIDS cases in the United States, which is quite a large number considering that they account for less than 1% of the population.
• Homosexuals account for a disproportionate number of hepatitis cases: 70-80% in San Francisco, 29% in Denver, 66% in New York City, 56% in Toronto, 42% in Montreal, and 26% in Melbourne (8).
• 37% of homosexuals engage in sadomasochism, which accounts for many accidental deaths. In San Francisco, classes were held to teach homosexuals how to not kill their partners during sadomasochism (8).
• 41% of homosexuals say they have had sex with strangers in public restrooms, 60% say they have had sex with strangers in bathhouses, and 64% of these encounters have involved the use of illegal drugs (8).
• Depending on the city, 39-59% of homosexuals are infected with intestinal parasites like worms, flukes and amoebae, which is common in filthy third world countries (8).
• The median age of death of homosexuals is 42 (only 9% live past age 65). This drops to 39 if the cause of death is AlDS. The median age of death of a married heterosexual man is 75 (8).
• The median age of death of lesbians is 45 (only 24% live past age 65). The median age of death of a married heterosexual woman is 79 (8).
• Homosexuals are 100 times more likely to be murdered (usually by another homosexual) than the average person, 25 times more likely to commit suicide, and 19 times more likely to die in a traffic accident (8).
• 21% of lesbians die of murder, suicide or traffic accident, which is at a rate of 534 times higher than the number of white heterosexual females aged 25-44 who die of these things (8).
• On April 25, 2001, the CDC reported that: “We are seeing substantial increases in sexually transmitted diseases among men who have sex with men in multiple locations across this country.”(31, 32)
• Homosexuals are responsible for the “first sexually transmitted outbreak of typhoid fever” in the history of the United States. This disease is caused by ingesting human feces. (32)
• More than 10% of homosexuals in major US urban areas are infected with HIV. To this day, they still make up more than 50% of reported AIDS cases in the United States. (30,31)
• Homosexuals fellate almost 100% of their sexual contacts and ingest semen from about half of those. Semen contains virtually every germ carried in the blood stream, so this is about equivalent to ingesting raw human blood. (6)
• Sperm readily penetrates the anal wall (which is only one cell thick) and gains direct access to the bloodstream. This causes massive immunological damage to the body’s T- and B-cell defensive systems. (14)
• 50% of male syphilis is carried by homosexuals as a rectal infection and can enter through the urethra of another homosexual during anal sex. (7)
Around 67-80% of homosexuals lick and/or insert their tongues into the anuses of their partners (called “rimming”, anilingus, fecal sex, etc.) and ingest biologically significant amounts of feces (7), which is the chief cause of hepatitis and parasitic infections among homosexuals. (8) This practice is called the “prime taste treat in sex” in the bestseller The Joy of Gay Sex.
• 33% of homosexuals admit to fisting (inserting the hand, sometimes part of the arm, into the rectum of his partner). (7)
• Urinating on each other (“golden showers”) and torture has doubled among homosexuals since the 1940s, and fisting has increased astronomically. (7)
• 17% of homosexuals eat and/or rub the feces of their partners on themselves. (4)
• 12% of homosexuals give/receive enemas as part of sexual pleasure. (4)
• In one study, the average homosexual fellated somewhere between 20 and 106 men, swallowed 50 seminal discharges, had 72 penile penetrations of the anus, and ingested feces of 23 different men EVERY YEAR. (6)
• Of homosexuals questioned in one study, 43% admitted to 500 or more partners in a lifetime, 28% admitted to 1000 or more in a lifetime, and of these people, 79% said that half of those partners were total strangers, and 70% of those sexual contacts were one night stands (or, as one homosexual admits in the film “The Castro,” one minute stands). (3) Also, it is a favorite past-time of many homosexuals to go to “cruisy areas” and have anonymous sex. See (NOTE: this site may contain pornographic images–please don’t go to it if you are under age or don’t want to see this type of material. This site is referenced only for illustrative purposes.)
• One study reports that 90% of homosexuals have engaged in anal sex, and 66% engage in anal sex regularly. (6)
• 10% of homosexuals admit to eating feces and/or drinking contaminated enema water. (8)
• 29% of homosexuals engage in urine sex (“golden showers”). (8)
• In large cities, hospitals are often called on to remove objects from the rectums of homosexuals. Sometimes, the homosexuals do so much damage that they have to wear colostomy bags for the rest of their lives. (8)
• 50% of the calls to a hotline to report "queer bashing" involved domestic violence (i.e., homosexuals beating up other homosexuals) (18).
• About 50% of the women on death row are lesbians (12).
• 33% of homosexuals admit to minor/adult sex (7).
• There is a notable homosexual group (consisting of over 3000 members in 1991) known as the North American Man and Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). This is a child molesting homosexual group whose cry is “SEX BEFORE 8 BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.” This group can be seen marching in most major homosexual parades across the United States. According to their website, NAMBLA’s goal is to end the “extreme oppression” of men and boys in mutually consenting relationships by “building understanding and support for such relationships; educating the general public on the benevolent nature of man/boy love; cooperating with lesbian, gay, feminist, and other liberation movements; supporting the liberation of persons of all ages from sexual prejudice and oppression.”
• Homosexuals commit more than 33% of all reported child molestations in the United States, which, assuming homosexuals make up 1% of the population, means that 1 in 20 homosexuals is a child molester, while 1 in 490 heterosexuals is a child molester (19).
• 73% of all homosexuals have had sex with boys under 19 years of age (9).
• Many homosexuals admit that they are pedophiles: "The love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality" (22).
• Because homosexuals can’t reproduce naturally, they resort to recruiting children. Homosexuals can be heard chanting "TEN PERCENT IS NOT ENOUGH, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT" in their homosexual parades. A group called the "Lesbian Avengers" prides itself on trying to recruit young girls. They print "WE RECRUIT" on their literature. Some other homosexuals aren’t as overt about this, but rather try to infiltrate society and get into positions where they will have access to the malleable minds of young children (e.g., the clergy, teachers, Boy Scout leaders, etc.) (8). See the DC Lesbian Avengers web page, and DC Lesbian Avengers Press Release, where they threaten to recruit little boys and girls. Also, see AFA Action Alert.
• Gays admit to child molesting. (33)
• Claims that gay parents are just as capable of raising children as straight parents are misrepresented. (34)
• Between 24% and 90% of lesbians report being psychologically abused by their partners. (35)
• Gay men are 60x more likely to have HIV than straight men. (36)
• 46% of male homosexuals report being molested, as compared to only 7% of heterosexual men. (37)
• Gays are more likely than straight people to have other mental illnesses. (38)
• 25% of gay men in America have had over 1000 sex partners. 43% of gay men have over 500 partners. (3)
• Gay men are six times more likely to commit suicide than straight men. Gay men are 12x more likely to use amphetamines than straight men. Gay men are 10x more likely to use heroin than straight men. Gay people are 2-3x more likely to abuse alcohol than straight people. 79% of homosexual men say over half of their sex partners are strangers. (39)
• 10 to 15 percent of older homosexuals have more than 1000 sex partners. (40)
• Liberal arguments in favor of homosexuality are based on logical fallacies. (41)
• Up to 50% of lesbians have reported sexual abuse. (42)
• 99.8% of teens who claim they are lesbian, gay or bisexual will change their sexual orientation within 13 years. (43)
• Two-thirds of men and women who were homosexual change their orientation to heterosexual five years later. Two-thirds of self-identified lesbians later have heterosexual relationships. Identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual does not end sexual questioning or confusion. (44)
• One in eight gay men in London has HIV. (45)
• Gay men are twice as likely as straight men to be in interracial relationships. (46)
• In Australia, 25% of homosexuals have had more than 100 sex partners. Gay men, who are 1.65% of the US population, account for 63% of the country’s syphilis cases. (47)

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69% of gay twins have birth defects. Gays say that it is genetic or epigenetic, but studies (suppressed by gays) show that identical twins can be born with one turning gay and one straight. Thus ending the debate and providing a permanent answer. Gays try to silence gays who say they have been turned straight. One of the ways they do this is representing it as torture. Gays, led by Frank Kameny, lobbied the American Psychiatric Association in 1973. The APA is also behind the popularized use of Ritalin to tread ADHD, even though ADHD has no symptomatology to be diagnosed and is thus non-existent, treating impatient, disobedient, and exuberant behavior as a disease with serious mood altering medication. Thus, the APA has no credibility. The APA was lobbied, largely by using Simon LeVay’s scientific work from the 1960s. LeVay was gay himself, thus biased and seriously compromising the credibility of his own work. However the media and gay lobbies did not notice this fact until he was later debunked by a scientific journal, proving it to be nothing more than correlation equals causation fallacy. It was this work on which the APA’s decision to accept gays was based.
Gays act as a vector for AIDS, neural meningitis, cholera, and any number of other diseases. Gay science is regularly debunked. LeVay in the ‘80s, Hamer in the ‘90s, and many others. Yet their work is sometimes still quoted in psychological textbooks used in colleges and universities. In fact, the evidence is so overwhelming that theory after theory is disproven that it leads me to say that gay’s proof is always lagging several years after their newest excuse, er, theory. Hamer debunked himself–although few scientists have commented on this–but his experiment testing genes of 40 gay men, finding 38 shared a similar gene, actually disproved his theory of a gay gene, as the 2 remaining gays have not been explained by his experiment. Maybe he thinks they’re fakers. This was proven in the ‘90s and yet no one has taken notice of it. How many other scientific subjects do you know have to keep changing and revising evidence in order to explain themselves?


Throughout history, all civilizations had all major religions have condemned homosexuality. [1] In the American colonies, homosexual acts were a capital offense. Thomas Jefferson said that homosexuality “should be punished: if a man, by castration; if a woman, by cutting through the cartilage of her nose a hole of one-half inch in diameter as least.” [2] Until 1961, homosexual acts were illegal throughout America. Gays claim that the “prevailing attitude toward homosexuals in the US and many other countries is revulsion and hostility… for acts and desires not harmful to anyone.” [3] The American Psychological Association and the American Public Health Association assured the US Supreme Court in 1986 that “no significant data show that engaging in… oral and anal sex, results in mental or physical dysfunction.” [4] The major surveys on homosexual behavior are summarized below. Two things stand out: 1) homosexuals behave similarly world-over, and 2) as Harvard Medical Professor Dr. William Haseltine [33] noted in 1993, the “changes in sexual behavior that have been reported to have occurred in some groups have proved, for the most part, to be transient. For example, bath houses and sex clubs in many cities have either reopened or were never closed.”
ORAL “SEX”: Homosexuals fellate almost all of their sexual contacts (and ingest semen from about half of these). Semen contains many of the germs carried in the blood. Because of this, gays who practice oral sex verge on consuming raw human blood, with all its medical risks. Since the penis often has tiny lesions (and often will have been in unsanitary places, such as a rectum), individuals so involved may become infected with hepatitis A or gonorrhea (and even HIV and hepatitis B). Since many contacts occur between strangers (70% of gays estimated that they had had sex only once with over half of their partners [17][27]), and gays average somewhere between 106 and 1,105 different partners/year, the potential for infection is considerable.
RECTAL “SEX”: Surveys indicate that about 90% of gays have engaged in rectal intercourse, and about two-thirds do it regularly. In a 6-month long study of daily sexual diaries, [3] gays averaged 110 sex partners and 68 rectal encounters a year. Rectal sex is dangerous. During rectal intercourse, the rectum becomes a mixing bowl for 1) saliva and its germs and/or an artificial lubricant, 2) the recipient’s own feces, 3) whatever germs, infections or substances the penis has on it, and 4) the seminal fluid of the inserter. Since sperm readily penetrate the rectal wall (which is only one cell thick) causing immunologic damage, and tearing or bruising of the anal wall is very common during anal/penile sex, these substances gain almost direct access to the blood stream. Unlike heterosexual intercourse (in which sperm cannot penetrate the multilayered vagina and no feces are present [7]), rectal intercourse is probably the most sexually efficient way to spread hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis, and a host of other blood-borne diseases.
Tearing or ripping of the anal wall is especially likely with “fisting,” where the hand and arm is inserted into the rectum. It is also common when “toys” are employed (homosexual lingo for objects which are inserted into the rectum–bottles, carrots, even gerbils [8]). The risk of contamination and/or having to wear a colostomy bag from such “sport” is very real. Fisting was apparently so rare in Kinsey’s time that he didn’t think to talk about it. By 1977, well over a third of gays admitted to doing it. The rectum was not designed to accommodate the fist, and those who do so can find themselves consigned to diapers for life.
FECAL “SEX”: About 80% of gays (see Table) admit to licking and/or inserting their tongues into the anus of partners, and thus ingesting medically significant amounts of feces. Those who eat or wallow in it are probably at even greater risk. In the diary study, [5] 70% of the gays had engaged in this activity–half regularly over 6 months. Result? The “annual incidence of hepatitis A in… homosexual men was 22%, whereas no heterosexual men acquired hepatitis A.” In 1992, [26] it was noted that the proportion of London gays engaging in oral/anal sex had not declined since 1984.
While the body has defenses against fecal germs, exposure to the fecal discharge of dozens of strangers each year is extremely unhealthy. Ingestion of human waste is the major route of contracting hepatitis A and the enteric parasites collectively known as the Gay Bowel Syndrome. Consumption of feces has also been implicated in the transmission of typhoid fever, [9] herpes, and cancer. [27] About 10% of gays have eaten or played with [e.g., enemas, wallowing in] feces. The San Francisco Department of Public Health saw 75,000 patients per year, of whom 70 to 80% are homosexual men… An average of 10% of all patients and asymptomatic contacts reported… because of positive fecal samples or cultures for amoeba, giardia, and shigella infections were employed as food handlers in public establishments; almost 5% of those with hepatitis A were similarly employed. [10] In 1976, a rare airborne scarlet fever broke out among gays and just missed sweeping through San Francisco. [10] The US Centers for Disease Control reported that 29% of the hepatitis A cases in Denver, 66% in New York, 50% in San Francisco, 56% in Toronto, 42% in Montreal and 26% in Melbourne in the first six months of 1991 were among gays. [11] A 1982 study “suggested that some transmission from the homosexual group to the general population may have occurred.” [12]
URINE “SEX”: About 10% of Kinsey’s gays reported having engaged in “golden showers” [drinking or being splashed with urine]. In the largest survey of gays ever conducted, [13] 23% admitted to urine sex. In the largest random survey of gays, 29% reported urine sex. In a San Francisco study of 655 gays [14] only 24% claimed to have been monogamous in the past year. Of these monogamous gays, 5% drank urine, 7% practiced “fisting,” 33% ingested feces via anal/oral contact, 53% swallowed semen, and 59% received semen in their rectum during the previous month.
OTHER PRACTICES: As the table indicates, a large minority of gays engage in torture for sexual fun. 25% of white gays [17] admitted to sex with boys 16 or younger as adults. In a 9-state study, [30] 33% of the 181 male, and 22% of the 18 female teachers caught molesting students did so homosexually (though less than 3% of men and 2% of women engaged in homosexuality). Depending on the study, the percent of gays reporting sex in public restrooms ranged from 14% [16] to 41% [13] to 66% [6] to 9% [16] to 60% [13] and 67% [5] reported sex in gay baths; 64% [16] and 90% [18] said that they used illegal drugs. Fear of AIDS may have reduced the volume of gay sex partners, but the numbers are prodigious by any standard. Morin [15] reported that 824 gays had lowered their sex rate from 70 partners/yr. in 1982 to 50/yr. by 1984. McKusick [14] reported declines from 76/yr. to 47/yr. in 1985. In Spain, [32] the average was 42/yr. in 1989. Death and disease accompany promiscuous and unsanitary sexual activity. 70% to 78% [13] of gays reported having had a sexually transmitted disease. The proportion with intestinal parasites (worms, flukes, amoeba) ranged from 25% [18] to 39% [19] to 59%. [20] As of 1992, 83% of US AIDS in whites had occurred in gays. [21] The Seattle sexual diary study [3] reported that gays had, on a yearly average:

1. fellated 108 men and swallowed semen from 48;
2. exchanged saliva with 96;
3. experienced 68 penile penetrations of the anus; and
4. ingested fecal material from 19.
No wonder 10% came down with hepatitis B and 7% contracted hepatitis A during the 6-month study.

Smokers and drug addicts don’t live as long as non-smokers or non-addicts, so we consider smoking and narcotics abuse harmful. The typical lifespan of homosexuals suggests that their activities are more destructive than smoking and as dangerous as drugs. Obituaries numbering 6,516 from 16 US homosexual journals over the past 12 years were compared to a large sample of obituaries from regular newspapers. [23] The obituaries from the regular newspapers were similar to US averages for longevity; the median age of death of married men was 75, and 80% of them died old (age 65 or older). For unmarried or divorced men, the median age of death was 57, and 32% of them died old. Married women averaged age 79 at death; 85% died old. Unmarried and divorced women averaged age 71, and 60% of them died old.
The median age of death for homosexuals, however, was virtually the same nationwide–and, overall, less than 2% survived to old age. If AIDS was the cause of death, the median age was 39. For the 829 gays who died of something other than AIDS, the median age of death was 42, and 9% died old. The 163 lesbians had a median age of death of 44, and 20% died old. 2.8% of gays died violently. They were 116 times more apt to be murdered; 24 times more apt to commit suicide; and had a traffic accident death rate 18 times the rate of comparably-aged white males. Heart attacks, cancer and liver failure were exceptionally common. 20% of lesbians died of murder, suicide, or accident–a rate 487 times higher than that of white females aged 25-44. The age distribution of samples of homosexuals in the scientific literature from 1989 to 1992 suggests a similarly shortened lifespan.
Homosexuals rode into the dawn of sexual freedom and returned with a plague that gives every indication of destroying most of them. Those who treat AIDS patients are at great risk, not only from HIV infection, which as of 1992 involved over 100 health care workers, [21] but also from TB and new strains of other diseases. [24] Those who are housed with AIDS patients are also at risk. [24] Dr. Max Essex, chair of the Harvard AIDS Institute, warned congress in 1992 that “AIDS has already led to other kinds of dangerous epidemics… if AIDS is not eliminated, other new lethal microbes will emerge, and neither safe sex nor drug free practices will prevent them.” [28] At least 8, and perhaps as many as 30 [29] patients had been infected with HIV by healthcare workers as of 1992. The typical sexual practices of homosexuals are a medical horror story. Imagine exchanging saliva, feces, semen and/or blood with dozens of different men each year. Imagine drinking urine, ingesting feces, and experiencing rectal trauma on a regular basis. Often these encounters occur while the participants are drunk, high, and/or in an orgy setting. Further, many of them occur in extremely unsanitary places (bathrooms, dirty peep shows), or, because homosexuals travel so frequently, in other parts of the world.
Every year, a quarter or more of homosexuals visit another country. [20] Fresh American germs get taken to Europe, Africa and Asia, and fresh pathogens from these continents come here. Foreign homosexuals regularly visit the US and participate in this biological swapmeet. Unfortunately, the danger of these exchanges does not merely affect homosexuals. Travelers carried so many tropical diseases to New York City that it had to institute a tropical disease center, and gays carried HIV from New York City to the rest of the world. [27] Most of the 6,349 Americans who got AIDS from contaminated blood as of 1992, received it from homosexuals, and most of the women in California who got AIDS through heterosexual activity got it from men who engaged in homosexual behavior. [23] The rare form of airborne scarlet fever that stalked San Francisco in 1976 also started among homosexuals. [10]
Society is legitimately concerned with health risks–they impact our taxes and everyone’s chances of illness and injury. Because we care about them, smokers are discouraged from smoking by higher insurance premiums, taxes on cigarettes and bans against smoking in public. These social pressures cause many to quit. They likewise encourage non-smokers to stay non-smokers. Homosexuals are mentally troubled people engaging in dangerous activities. Because we care about them and those tempted to join them, it is important that we neither encourage nor legitimize such a destructive lifestyle.

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In the United States, homosexual activists are more circumspect about their efforts to gain access to children than they are in Canada or Europe. While NAMBLA has regularly marched in homosexual pride parades in New York, San Francisco and other major cities, homosexual activists publicly disassociate themselves from pedophiles as part of a public relations strategy. Yet homosexual groups are actively recruiting gay youth through such groups as The Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League, the HettrickMartin Institute, AIDS service providers, and various agencies that assist runaways. A concerted effort to change age-of-consent laws has not yet emerged, but some ominous signs portend an eventual effort. When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an attorney for the ACLU, she co-authored a report recommending that the age of consent for sexual acts be lowered to 12 years of age [1] The paragraph reads as follows: “Eliminate the phrase ‘carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife, who has not attained the age of 16 years’ and substitute a federal, sex-neutral definition of the offense… A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person… [and] the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old…”
The public still has a revulsion against child sexual abuse. In fact, whenever there is an attempt to show a connection between pedophiles and homosexuality, the standard response from the activists is that as many as 97% of all pedophiles are heterosexuals and/or married men. Thus, they deflect attention away from their own proclivities to have sex with children. There is some truth to the claim that many pedophiles are heterosexually oriented men. To be accurate, pedophilia is the crime of sexually molesting a child of the opposite sex. Pederasty, on the other hand, is the crime of molesting a child of the same sex. The term pedophile is used as a general term to describe a person who molests any child, and the term pedophilia, however, is commonly used to refer to child sexual abuse in general. The homosexual who molests a child of the same sex, therefore, technically is guilty of pederasty, rather than pedophilia–yet both are child sexual abuse.
Homosexuals deny that there is a high incidence of child molestation among them, but the statistics tell another story. First, we need to look at the statistics on child sexual abuse in general. The National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCPCA) has published the following information:
1. Reports of sexual abuse are on the increase in our nation.
2. Between 80 and 95% of all child molestations are committed by men. The NCPCA notes, however, that there is a “dramatic increase in the number of adolescent offenders who have committed sexually aggressive acts against other children.”
3. Girls are more likely to be the victims of molestation than boys. Males account for 25 to 35% of child sexual abuse victims. [2]
How prevalent is child molestation among homosexuals? The Gay Report, published by homosexual researchers Jay and Young in 1979, revealed that 73% of homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with boys 16 to 19 years of age or younger. [3] Although homosexuals account for less than two percent of the population, they constitute about a third of child molesters. [4] Further, as noted by the Encino, California-based National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), “since homosexual pedophiles victimize far more children than do heterosexual pedophiles, it is estimated that approximately 80% of pedophile victims are boys who have been molested by adult males. [5] A nationwide investigation of child molestation in the Boy Scouts from 1971 to 1991 revealed that more than 2,000 boys reported molestation by adult Scout leaders. (Note: The Scouts, who have 150,000 Scoutmasters and assistant Scoutmasters, ban hundreds of men each year from scouting out of concern that they might abuse boys.) [6] A study of Canadian pedophiles has shown that 30% of those studied admitted to having engaged in homosexual acts as adults, and 91% of the molesters of non-familial boys admitted to no lifetime sexual contact other than homosexual. [7]
Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., and Charles B. Johnson, Ph.D., conducted a content study of the personal ads in The Advocate, the national gay and lesbian newsmagazine and discovered that “chickens,” a common term for underage boys sought for sex, were widely solicited. Many of the advertisements in the magazine solicited boys and teens from within a larger pool of prostitution ads. [8] The authors also note a statement from a book review by homosexual activist Larry Kramer that the work, “like much canonized male homosexual literature, involves sexually predatory white men on the prowl for dark-skinned boys to gratify them.” [9]
In a 1985 study of the rates of molestation among homosexual pederasts compared to heterosexual pedophiles, Dr. Paul Cameron found the following:
153 pederasts had sexually molested 22,981 boys over an average period of 22 years.
224 pedophiles had molested 4,435 girls over an average period of 18 years.
The average pederast molested an average of 150 boys, and each heterosexual pedophile molested an average of 20 girls, a ratio of 7.5:1. [10]
Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual movement. In 1972, the National Coalition of Gay Organizations adopted a “Gay Rights Platform” that included the following demand: “Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.” David Thorstad, a spokesman for the homosexual rights movement and NAMBLA, clearly states the objectives: “The ultimate goal of the gay liberation movement is the achievement of sexual freedom for all–not just equal rights for lesbians and gay men, but also freedom of sexual expression for young people and children.” This goal has not changed since it was articulated in 1972. [11]
Homosexual organizations around the world have embarked upon a vigorous campaign to lower actual age of consent laws by claiming that current laws are discriminatory against homosexuals. In England, for example, a major push is underway to lower the age of sexual consent for homosexuals to 14. OutRage!, [12] a homosexual organization that operates much like ACT UP in the United States, has been leading the crusade. In a statement published on the Queer Intelligence Service website, OutRage! claims that “…underage queers have rights, too. They are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We have a special responsibility to protect their interests and welfare.” [13]

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Katy Faust, Dawn Stefanowicz, B.N. Klein, and Robert Oscar Lopez who were all raised by homosexual parents, each submitted briefs to the 5th Circuit opposing the legalization of faggot “marriage”. Recounting childhood memories of households made deeply dysfunctional by their parents’ sexual appetites and the radical subculture that went along with their “gay” identities, all four argued that redefining marriage to include homosexual couples will likely lead to the exploitation and abuse of countless children for political and personal gain.
“While I do not believe all gays would be de facto bad parents, I know that the gay community has never in my lifetime put children first as anything other than a piece of property, a past mistake, or a political tool to be dressed up and taken out as part of a dog-and-pony show to impress the well-meaning,” Klein wrote. She added that as a child of a lesbian mother, she was pressured to pay “constant homage and attention” to her mother’s gay identity, taught that some Jews and most Christians were stupid and hated gays and were violent,” and told that homosexuals were “much more creative and artistic because they were not repressed and were naturally more ‘feeling’.”
While Klein classified her upbringing as abusive, Robert Oscar Lopez told the court that his own childhood upbringing by his mother and her longtime partner represented the “best possible conditions for a child raised by a same-sex couple.” Even so, Lopez testified that the lack of a father figure in his life combined with the influence of the radical gay culture in which he was raised gave rise to a devastating confusion about his own sexuality and ultimately led to his becoming a homosexual prostitute in his teen years in order to fulfill his craving for acceptance and love from older men.
“I experienced a great deal of sexual confusion,” Lopez wrote. “I had an inexplicable compulsion to have sex with older males… and wanted to have sex with older men who were my father’s age, though at the time I could scarcely understand what I was doing.”
Lopez said that he has spoken to dozens of other adult children of homosexuals, and that many of them have similar stories of pain and damage inflicted by the absence of a biological parent and the unwanted “step-parent” type relationship demanded by their homosexual parents’ lovers. Lopez included testimonies from nine of them in his brief, but said there were many more who were afraid to speak out for fear that the homosexual lobby would target them for harassment like they have Lopez himself.
“When we institutionalize same-sex “marriage”… we move from permitting citizens the freedom to live as they choose to promoting same-sex-headed households,” Faust wrote. “Now we are normalizing a family structure where a child will always be deprived daily of one gender influence and the relationship with at least one natural parent. Our cultural narrative becomes one that, in essence, tells children that they have no right to the natural family structure or their biological parents, but that children simply exist for the satisfaction of adult desires.”
The special-interest faggot groups and so-called support groups for kids sometimes act, or function, as fronts for a far darker side that silences, intimidates, and threatens the children who want to share the truth, allowing only a politically-correct version of our childhoods to be heard,” Stefanowicz continued. “These special-interest groups support political and legal objectives toward same-sex “marriage,” ignoring the horrendous inequality, permanent losses and prejudice to children in the name of adult sexual rights. Children lose forever their rights to know and be raised by their married biological father and mother.”


A Child Abuse and Neglect study found that 59 percent of male child sex offenders had been “victim of contact sexual abuse as a child.” 75. Elliott, p. 582.

In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation.


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