Filmmaker Releases New Movie

09 April 2022

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More and more movies are being shot in Georgia lately, including in the Columbus area. We got some insight on how that was still done during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic with John Graham, the director of a faith-based movie shot in the small community of Upatoi in July of 2020.

Graham – the latest guest on our “Run The Race” podcast, also wrote “The Greatest Inheritance” which has well-known stars including Mena Suvari and Jaleel White, known as Erkel from Family Matters. It just premiered in the last couple weeks.

Graham, an alum of the Savannah College of Art and Design, has directed or produced seven feature films, but he says doing this latest one during COVID was unique and challenging.

“My feeling was...we walked with the faith we could do it. We all did our part to be safe but we were blessed, not a single case (of COVID). We tested some people 3 times a week, sometimes 2 times a week depending on their position,” Graham said.