Ufabet Judi Bola

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21 April 2022

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The Ufabet Judi Bola is a traditional Nigerian vessel which has been used for cooking for centuries in Lagos and Aba Nigeria. It is the oldest known wooden vessel ever created in Lagos, Nigeria. It was once used to transport water from the wells at Kano and was known as the 'Lion Boat'. In fact, most of the craftsmen who later came to know about this craft were the ones who built the famous Mswara Empire in Lagos. It is believed that this vessel was created around 1500 years back. And it was initially crafted using timber but later on, other durable materials such as metal were used for its manufacture.

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This vessel is a one of a kind and is considered to be a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The craftsman who crafted this vessel used all the different kinds of metals and combined them to form his masterpiece. The craftsmanship involved in creating this vessel is very commendable and shows that it was an attempt by the craftsman to show the craftsmanship of an indigenous African tribe. This is also one of the few vessels of this type that shows the true colors of Lagos, the land of the Akan.

This vessel is made with five huge bowls at the top and holds 8 interior glasses that are placed upside down inside the body of the vessel. The inside of the vessel is lined with ostrich feathers that add the richness of natural beauty to this drinking vessel. It has a long neck and is completed with two big spouts that take water from the five large bowls and bring it to the glass table of the vessel. It is said that this drink can be drunk by any size man because even a child can take it as it does not have a level limit.

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