How to get rid of Fruit Flies

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27 April 2022

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To eliminate fruit flies, use the following methods and take out your trash daily, use fresh trash bags, and wash the trash bin after each cleaning out. Make sure to wash your recycle bin once you have emptied it in order to avoid attracting fruit flies. Additionally, you should empty the recycle bin on a regular basis and wash out and dry the liner that you're replacing. Finally, keep your garbage bin free of smell and free of foodstuffs.

Beware of Traps

Traps are a quick and secure method to get rid of infestations of fruit flies. Fruit flies like fermented fruit which is why you could lure them inside with an organic liquid. The length of the trap may depend on the kind of trap. Also, you can use vinegar or liquid soap as a bait solution. Remember that vinegar can attract fruit flies, and then kill them.

A good method to repel fruit fly is apple cider vinegar. Simply pour some vinegar in a plastic bag and seal it with a rubber strap. You can then place the fruit fly trap in an area that you see fruit flies. This vinegar will draw insects in, and stop them from moving away. The combination of apple cider vinegar with dish soap is another efficient strategy to attract them. The liquid's surface tension gets reduced by dish soap, which causes fruit fly larvae and other insects to be submerged.


Aerosol pesticides are usually intended for use in indoor environments and can be used quickly to get rid of the pest. It is a source of active ingredient Pyrethrin, which is a chemical that comes from the flower chrysanthemum. However, remember that while the insecticide may kill adult pests but it won't completely eliminate pests' sources of reproduction, which are mostly rotting fruits as well as vegetables.

Target sells a very basic spray bottle that has two ounces of water, and 10 drops essential oils of lemongrass at just $5. This can eliminate problem with fruit fly. can be purchased from CVS at a cost of eight dollars. It can be used to treat the rooms that have been infested. For the safety of the pets and your loved ones, you should read every warning label.

Garbage disposal

Fruit fly can be eliminated by cleaning your trash disposal. Mix baking soda and vinegar for removing the fruit fly smell. Set the mix aside for several minutes. Then, use your garbage disposal to wipe out all visible areas with dishwashing soap. Do not forget to wash the guard. Acidic solutions will kill fruit fly larvae and keep their return. But, it is important to note that citrus peels should not remain in the trash for long periods since they may cause an issue.

Fruit flies are usually found in the kitchen's drains, sinks as well as drains. These insects love drains as they're constantly moist. They feed on human excrement. Furthermore drains, they are also the food source for fruit flies. The use of vinegar or water that is boiling is a good way to kill fruit flies. Be sure to get rid of all dishcloths that are damp that have been stored in your sink. Another method of removing the fruit fly problem is cleaning your refrigerator seals.

Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plant species are an effective way to kill fruit flies. Sticky leaves are produced by monkey cups. They are an subtropical variety that is a pitcher plant. They draw and hold insects. Insects are trapped in the leaves and the sticky substance acts as a glue and catalyst in the process of digesting prey. Plants can take up to two days for digestion of an insect.

Carnivore plants require distillation water in order to thrive. They thrive in acidic soils. However, they are also thriving in nutrients-deficient soils. They can't develop in soils that don't get enough insects. But, they do not necessarily perish. Additionally, to enhance their performance, these plants thrive when they are in high-light and humid temperatures. These plants are great investments , and they must be kept.

If you have an infestation of fruit flies inside your house, it is recommended that you address the cause as quickly as possible. The pests are killed by eating carnivore plants. The plants are able to be put in areas near breeding grounds for fruit fly. They're pesticide-resistant and may be used for killing fruit insects. You can also choose other plants if you don't want to invest in carnivore plants.