How To Run A Minecraft Server From Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet

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18 July 2022

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This will download the 1.15.2 Minecraft server JAR. Minecraft Servers can also download the JAR here. After downloading the JAR then run this command: chmod +x mincraft_server.jar

And then:echo eula=true > eula.txt

Finally, run: Java --Xmx1024M --Xms1024M minecraft_server.jar nogui. This will start the Minecraft server with 1GB (1024MB). If you want to give it more or less RAM modify the "1024M" number in the -Xmx argument.

Let it get started.

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If all goes well then you'll now have the Vanilla Minecraft server on your Android device.

You can find more in-depth instructions on how to connect to your server, install Forge, and then make it publicly accessible in the original Reddit thread.

XDA >> News in-Depth >Here's a video tutorial on how to run an Minecraft Server using your Android phone.

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