Cock Pictures 4

30 January 2024

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I cozied up and laid my hand across his belly; he moved his hand so he was holding my soft but happy dick. I moved my hand down to hold his manhood. We just chilled out for a few minutes, just touching each other.

Then he spoke up. "I've got my laptop in the car, do you want to look at the site?"

"Sounds hot. I also brought a camera, do you want to post some pics of us together?"

Ted was down with that all right. He slipped on his shorts and a shirt, and went to the car. I got the small camera out of my jacket. It took him longer than I'd thought, but he returned with the laptop, a bottle in a bag and a bottle of Coke from the vending machine. "Rum and Coke?"

"Sounds good to me. You came equipped!" Ted poured us a couple, then I hassled him about being dressed so he took his clothes back off. His cock was starting its way back to erect. I reached over and stroked him with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. It was so exciting to hold a sexy cock, after all these years. We were both starting to get hard again. I picked up my camera and sat him on the bed to my right. I held the camera with my left, selfie style. "Hold each other's cocks," I said, and we did. I got a couple of pictures that way.

Ted said, "OK, now our cocks together." We stood, then faced each other with our dicks next to each other. We were both about the same size, six plus, but his dick was thicker. Mine had a bigger head. We were both getting really stiff enjoying the view. I got a couple of shots from different angles.

We sat down then and opened the computer and connecting to the motel's wifi. We pulled up the pictures site and he logged in, checking his PMs. One person, a new friend, had sent a private picture of his goods. Ted said, "Uh oh, looks young." He replied that he suspected the poster was underaged and said goodbye and blocked him. I said, "I do the same thing." Then he checked his comments, and a previous contact said he liked one of Ted's pics. We took a look at that poster's page, both thoroughly enjoying his straight-on pictures. Not much else on his site that night, so Ted logged out and I logged in.

I had been chatting with a guy who had a small but extremely handsome dick. That poster was online, so I asked him what was up. "Just sitting here naked with my dick in my hand. You?"

I told him I was currently naked with another member. He was psyched. "Hot, man! That sounds like so much fun. Are you going to post pics?"

"I don't have a cable, but I'll post them when I get home. Hey, any requests?"

The poster said he liked it when one guy squats over the other and they rub dicks together. "Great idea, we'll do that." A little small talk and we closed up.

Now Ted bent down and took my cock back in his mouth. He moaned as he slowly slid up and down on my shaft. That made me throb. I rubbed the back of his head as he gave me head. He continued for some time, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Finally, Ted got off my cock and pushed me back on the bed, then he grabbed my camera and straddled me, putting his stiff cock on top of mine. He took a couple of pictures of our cocks from above, then gave me the camera. I took a couple from the low angle. I loved the way his cock pointed right at the camera, with his piss hole slightly open.

"Kneel above me, Ted." He did, and I pulled his hips down until his stiff dick was at my mouth. I opened up and pulled him into me. I could taste the cum all over it from our earlier fun. I wasn't at a good angle to blow him, so he gently slid his dick partway in and out of my mouth. Oh that feeling of a thick cock in my mouth!

After a couple of minutes I pushed him away, and said, "Sixty nine time!" We assumed the opposite positions and faced each other, then slid in close to each other. I was taller than him so he had to look up a bit to put his mouth on me; similarly I had to angle his cock down a bit and my head down to match, but soon we both had cock in our mouths and were going on and off each other. Ted grabbed my leg to suggest that I lift it; I did and he reached between his head and my leg to grab my balls. I just reached around his leg and grabbed his ass cheek and gave it a good squeeze.

Ted took his mouth off my cock for a moment and said, "I'm ready to cum again, Norm." Then right back on my dick. I talked around him, simply saying, "Do it." I worked up a little more spit and started to work his cock with my tongue. He rolled my balls around in his hand while I started to move on and off him faster. Ted moaned and I kept working him faster. I could also feel the orgasm starting to build in myself. Next thing I knew, we were humping each other's mouths, then starting to moan on the other's cock in our mouths. Building, building more... then I felt him throbbing and got a mouthful of his cum. That soon set me off, and I shoved my cock into his mouth and felt my cum shooting out of my cock into his mouth.

This time, we held each other's dick in our mouths and swallowed the loads. I got up and turned around, and we hugged each other. I slipped a leg between his and we relaxed.

We reflected on the night. It had been a long time since either of us had sucked cock, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the time. He liked the feel of my cock hitting the back of his throat, I especially liked his head on my tongue.

It was getting late and I had a drive, so I gave him half the cost of the room and left. The next night, I posted the pics of us together, and we got some favorable comments. A couple of guys asked if we needed a third to join, and one woman said she'd offer her pussy to our handsome cocks. Now there's an idea!

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