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03 June 2022

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Novel-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 22 - Real World Problems reflective wrist

It was subsequently unhappy to feel soo risky in one's own locality in 2100 a maid was a luxurious only available for the uber abundant . If a person in the Rajput Manor had 1 the people around them will go natural with covet

"????????" he blinked hunting blank

His mother laughed also ... Upside was celebrated home structure .... even the standard manors costed 200 mil money. It was informed to generally be the best location for any uber unique region with finest level of privacy, a mansion in upside was some thing they never even dared to dream of

+ far better residing quarters for guild participants along with special places for any upper echleon


The official guilds had began to show up since the other day .... The 1st 20 man dungeon removed in major problem option brought a bronze guild creation token like a gauranteed decline that has a 5% decline speed for gold design expression and also a .001 % lower for gold expression.

Rudra started out the talk extremely cautiously, "Mum do you seek advice from your doctor ?" He inquired

Section 22 - Real Life Complications

Then check out a day with PinkLotus , and in addition check out promote his platinum to her .

Little maximum checked up innocently at his daddy his facial area displaying he fully understood practically nothing

Chapter 22 - Real Life Difficulties

The primary difference between tokens could stop made up eventually

There was clearly not any other dungeon or Employer mob that decreased a guild formation token.

Life quarters

The state guilds possessed began to appear since yesterday .... The 1st 20 mankind dungeon cleared in horror function gave a bronze guild formation token like a gauranteed decrease by using a 5Per cent fall amount for silver production token in addition to a .001 % fall for golden expression.

He stated " Basically father i have got requested a family house in country J "

+ Unique options in guild insignia

Her mom smiled , she was transported exactly how much her daughter looked after her... "Certainly i did visit a health practitioner, I only need some expensive medicine ... since it is not pass on a lot yet ... no surgical treatment is demanded". His mother smiled ... Maybe the family would not use the many 25 mil his son gifted her.

" You are doing are aware of it prices 200 million cash Correct? " questioned his mother

" Just how do you have 220 zillion? , you do not smuggle prescriptions correct? "

" Father i generate my income through lender exchange not income it can be legitimate , I earned it in video game ". Rudra stated , it absolutely was one half rest while he was without funds yet still but he would gain it in video game .


The standard of NPC guards that could be appointed is usually higher and more in multitude


Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife Of The Military Ye

" How would you have 220 mil? , you do not smuggle drug treatments ideal? "

" I have done have a mansion on the upside " Explained Rudra

Rudra woke up to and including 80Percent total working experience pub he smiled , you cannot assume all his time logging out was misused .

" Of course , Indeed totally , intravenous explained to her oftentimes to employ a maid on the other hand mum is frightened the next door neighbors will soon continue to jealousy us and try cause harm to little Maximum ."

A heirchy program for members

"Dad dont you think mum is too burdened in this manor? She requires to look after her health ... she could cease working soo tough now no?" Rudra questioned

There seemed to be nothing else dungeon or Leader mob that lowered a guild design expression.


+ more effective living quarters for guild participants together with special areas for your upper echleon

While loads of bronze guilds began to turn up a few big guilds would consider do reruns untill they finally manage to get their on the job a sterling silver token

Even though the a fact most significant guilds getting enormous amounts of individuals would send numerous adventuring functions to utilise remove the dungeon untill they received their on the job the precious metal token .

There is not one other dungeon or Leader mob that lowered a guild design expression.

Even though the a fact most significant guilds having hundreds of thousands of individuals would deliver hundreds of adventuring celebrations to use remove the dungeon untill they obtained their on the job the golden token .

+ beast strong

Soo onto strategy B .... Technique dad into thinking it truly is his thought to maneuver .

Can seek the services of Npc to behave as guards

and various other this sort of common shit

His mother "...."

There was clearly not one other dungeon or Manager mob that lowered a guild formation token.

The standard of NPC guards which may be hired may be greater plus much more in number

He stated " Really dad i have got applied for a house in nation J "

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