Re-equipment of containers in St. Petersburg

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27 October 2021

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Stability compartment

The pot for safety staff will end up a comfortable place, offer defense against the vagaries in the conditions, and is particularly suited to rest and ingesting. An easy task to provide with video security equipment. Additionally, the protection compartment may be in part converted into a checkpoint.

Benefits associated with a security alarm pot

Mobility. If needed, easily moves on the car platform.

Comfortable conditions. The insulated container using a heating unit can be utilized throughout the year.

Longevity. Metallic framework with anti--rust covering.

Dimensions. The properties are quite adequate for setting up a spot for work and rest of staff.

Refueling box

A container filling up station is really a service station that is made to refuel automobiles with water motor unit gas only. The tanks are situated over soil, the fuel dispenser is located in the energy storing compartment.

Pot-variety gasoline stations are mostly employed to offer energy equally throughout the town and away from city. Pot-type gasoline stations will not be a capital construction center, so that they do not call for design, construction and land job.

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