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23 December 2021

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MLP FiM: Daughter of Discord-Episode 1 (A Screwy Beginning)

the following video is an audio drama. in accordance with a My Little Pony fanfiction. that changed into written earlier than season 4 changed into. aired any continuity errors ought to simply. be accepted as being part of an. alternate universe. as soon as upon a time there has been an evil. creature of chaos named discord whose. merely want become to subjugate the ponies. of Equestria to his will on his 0.33. attempt to vanquish this land he awarded. the six bears of The elements of Harmony. an alternate saying he would turn. every thing again to typical if he obtained a. few things in return. between his demands was the hoof of a. inclined bride Fluttershy the section of. kindness was the just one brave sufficient. to accept his suggestion and was taken to. dis courts fort of chaos then the. impossible happened they fell in love. over time. Fluttershy controlled to warm discords ice.

bloodless coronary heart reforming him for good after. making amends with the remainder of Equestria. discord and Fluttershy or Wed and lived. fortunately ever after that is till a new. factor entered their lives thanks so. much women yet gifts I'm wonderful so. regal do not you think your toddler ought to. have your own rattle disk or didn't tell. you i am a bee twins. a comb to Phiilly I don't desire the combat. over anything especially round oh how. wonderful how did Sauron react to that. news he faked it when he wakened he. asked me what happened and that i advised him. again then he fainted repeatedly it. wasn't till the 5th time that he. finally got it through his head you're. having Falls which one's going to be. marketplace toddler. well I choose the second one is draw after. discord girlfriend bot reckon to be the. godmother of the next one and develop so.

Does that imply I am getting the 1st one which. comes out. certain this I potential I am getting to be the. godmother or any other one huh no cuz. you I completely come to the nuts and on. our pinky we were dating that long. besides we'd have to wait till spikes. Ola for that kind of dedication you . still confuse me I suggest I killed my. rarities relationship fancy pants and. Twilight's with that flash century man. yet how did you and Spike occur heck. Fluttershy you discord makes extra sense. you know i am going to on no account get used to hearing. my name and the observe when you consider that in an analogous. sentence it surprises to correctly dis. in which I had to put us on a dating online game. just to get us together see spike. doesn't that make me a wonderful pal. oh darling little propeller beanie. lovely seem so cute what is your little. baby's head do you know whether it's a.

Child but do you even know if it's. pony formed i could merely wager from the. glows I made good i attempted seeking within. yet something maintains blocking me out. i assume the foal just doesn't desire to be. disturbed. you do not assume it has chaos magic do. you that would actually be form of cool. oh no miles i can not purchase a home phone hiya. it isn't our baby is it thanks so. much every pony you're all such a. wonderful neighbors and II know our baby is. going to have the finest on the earth. what's wrong wait now but it's too early. we have to get her to the health facility on it. um I guess we are strolling huh wait. somepony help the baby's coming the child. straw bag what but it is just been 9 . moves good excuse me if it's inpatient. it's my kid in spite of everything sweetheart. code huh tell me get us nearer I took a. maternity ward make manner make manner make.

way marry hard work coming by means of Russia I. idea you were not due for one more two. months. so this night therapy with the child I had. other plans. oh that is sweet I cannot be going to have. a similar birthday oh here's my baby and. two months early too you'll imagine she's. very well oh boy if it hurts that a lot for. one child i can not think what its gonna. be like for me i am sure she's nice. who's she she's still alive leave out Fossey. shia has correctly given start to a. natural female child and they are both. doing flawlessly quality ah but wait what. does she look like she's so stunning. she's so normal is not that what you. wanted you said you didn't wish our. child to be judged via her seems like you. were well yeah I did say that but how do. we know it's my toddler school it didn't. mean it like that. maybe they gave us the wrong one I mean.

check out it. no snake tail no antlers it does not even. have wings I mean we both have wings so. shouldn't she even have them she's just. a standard purple earth pony that doesn't. make any experience. i assumed with you not anything. meet experience well yes that's real but. there's nothing unusual approximately her seem. her eyes their spirals no students. whatever she must be your daughter. then welcome to the realm little one. are you certain that does not belong to. derpy or whatever scored snow pea this. is your daughter and she or he did not get. switched I'm sorry expensive yet this child. doesn't look like both of us my mom. had a red knee and my grandfather became. an earth pony well still I need aat least. some variety of evidence that it truly is mine I. did not provide her that she's my daughter. very well sure you are. it is you I informed you you you're you only.

inspect her isn't she just an cute. little screwball that's it but call how. screwball scruple what did that be. labeling our babies loopy Levi's remind. you of my call taken you imply the Jacana. quest woman correct there in the center ah. it's common. look at her eyes not ever mind. oh yeah is not she just valuable we named. her screwball how wonderful. she's so cute we had a further rival. in the hour from a Leave out did she do. maybe you know her. oh you imply derpy where's her oho she's. a unicorn correct there next to screwball. derpy what are you doing out of your. room what i am unable to see my child. I named her dinky do cuz she appears like. her has a dinky hello Luke she's long gone comas. like yours I know correct. are not they lovely and they are blue. like her dad's huh where is her father. oh why have his experiments went incorrect.

And he got sucked into a time vortex huh. oh good pets away the muffin crumbles. generally with all I went thunderation. ought to get that move via Rainer oh did I. forget to mention that my little screwy. has my powers she is gonna be one of these. troublemaker sooner or later definite she is she's. gonna make her to be very proud a child. with discord powers oh boy. there has been no doubt approximately it. screwball proved to be a difficult baby. okay I'm officially stumped why is she. crying I imply simply better a gallon of. chocolate milk oh seem out discover pants at. three o'clock. it did not assist that she had chaotic. powers humorous longer or brainy can fly. thank you but nonetheless Fluttershy and. discord were completely happy to have their little. daughter and did their best to make her. joyful. she became happiest while her pal dinky. came over a good happier whilst she.

acquired more playmates Oh King. screw balling dinky knew her new buddies. lightning and thunder thunder. Ovaltine younger girl quit pulling my knee. as time went on existence happened for every. of us do you rarity take fancy pants to. be your laawfully wedded husband I do. then i am blissful pronounce you husband. and spouse. cinnamon stick cinnamon roll meet your. new dad and mom Applejack and spike mommy oh. inspect you or did you see little Bailey. are not they lovely her new daddy's. dragon awesome provide me again my cookie. Thunder come and get it girly female. that is it visit the pay you have got a. capture. honey promise me we do not need to any extent further. children yeah approximately that Oh congratulations. pinkie pie pink shoes you're having. female triplets droplets gemstone. mommy's you get the twins I am getting prism. look fair for activity it had to be triplets.

One toddler. Choa twins maybe what threes much certain. things have absolutely changed over ten. years. but overall our lives were going especially. easily. convinced for yes a you don't have a. better half or childrens Thank you. pinky however there have been some bumps in. the line particularly where screwball changed into. involved you notice when you're the. daughter of the allpowerful being of. Kaos you can get to all kinds of limitation. there's a cool cinnamon stick cinnamon. stick thanks dinky I got them once I changed into. helping my mother make apple pies. I further cinnamon to the recipe and then. this cutie mark appeared so yo city has. to do with baking identical to mine we. would open uh cinnamon tarts shop. together us going for walks a store together. a few ponies getting sweaty get this. means i am the just one and not using a cutie. mark does this mean i'll get kicked out.

Of the gang. do not be stupid apple blossom yeah we. might on no account kick you out. it would smash thunders hot whitening. don't fret blossom good assist you get. your cutie mark but I am not even certain. what i am well at. maybe it'll simply take you one day yeah. seem fortunate or thunder thunder does not. hit any paint weeb it is just sound yeah. well if it's loud sufficient it will blow your. eardrums right like you can make thunder. that loud i'd desire to see you're making. thunder you want me to find a cloud and. electrocute you howdy kick back this is not. assisting apple blossom it is sorry. believe me blossom your cutie mark will. come once you least assume it take mine. case in point I got this screw in. baseball the day daddy took me to see. the solar first game opposed to the Baltimore. Orioles at Fenway Park the game acquired so. boring daddy and II began stirring matters.

Up with our magic and i realize just how. much enjoyable it is to defy common sense and bend. actuality yeah yet you've always been able. to do this screwball I don't have any. chaotic powers or anything like that. Mikio time i will be anything Apple. associated since the at the Apple household. yet her mom is also a teacher she would. take after her rather. hiya Document refresh huh we're developing with. approaches for apple blossom to get her cutie. mark wanna help uh uh I would love to truly. i'd but I'm. have to uhoh do whatever yeah bye. why is it whenever we invite somepony. else to hang around with us they run away. uh she seemed rather scared maybe she's. frightened of you lightning me why might she. be frightened of me. you are the one with an unpleasant face what. became that about my face you wants to play. basketball yeah i can comfort the poop. richer than the fellow hiya no fair you.

Began early come on guys are you certain. screwy it's just it goold digger and. silver Troy you're opting for the groups so. so that they always like us final hey as long. as we get a chance to kick their flanks. it's anything like the looking ahead to a. second like this burg i do not even be aware of . every person looks like they're almost carried out. making a choice on I decide upon cinnamon stick. see you men let's have a look at ok i am going to take. blank flank o.k. let's play good day. what approximately us hmm which do you want. silver tray disk or junior or derpy. junior you kidding derpy Junior cannot. retain Ryan the bone discord Junior keeps. turning the ball into an orange. my call is screwball exactly our point. we aren't having a nut play with us. knock it off you men you're not being. reasonable why will not you let them play why. doesn't she return to wherein she belongs. in the Canterlot Gardens along with her dad.

Take that bet certain screwy discontinue remember. what leave out Julie said your dad's a. monster. my large sister diamond tiara told me so. and my sister silver spoon mentioned he took. over a question pressured your mom to marry. him. that is a lie daddy does not try this stuff. anymore and he loves mommy and he is not. a monster screwy let's just get out of. you I didn't want to play basketball. anyway. hiya remedy jr. capture gosh sorry hope. that did it cause any mind damage if. there was any brain left to damage. uncoordinated but she's not silly. speaking of silly how come you usually. wear that stupid hat. haha fits her silly eyes a dead ringer for. derpy juniors you freaks deserve each. different. desire to play basketball satisfactory let's play. the basketball merely we are going to difference the. rules somewhat this time you'll be. the ball what do you suspect you're doing.

Thank you Lee. I'm scoring 3 factor. who's next I'm out of here. Oh screwball. are you nuts that's nuts. I'm screwball the princess of chaos and. the daughter of discord have fluttershy. did you all made enjoyable of me and are my. friend I shall have my revenge oh oh uh. hello omit Cheerilee how's it goin did you. like the flying orange I left you on. your desk this morning. I suggest everypony leaves an apple and that i. just thought that is so boring so I. notion good day why no longer try something. one-of-a-kind. No would you like pineapple rather. I may effortlessly do pineapple now not as finest. as oranges oranges are my specialty I'm in. trouble are not I. well huh almost killed my boy he's a. risk leave out Cheerilee and you should. have spelled her rapidly if you do not. want things to get difficult. now filthy I mean mr. wealthy no a baby. like that ought to be put in an asylum.

in spite of everything what else can you do with a. novels store how dare you insult my. husband ensure everypony settle down calm. down check out my son inspect his son that. 1 thing ought to be punished and what. approximately your kids. you are 19 he turned into merely defending her. geese don't hear do not hear. devil child she would not belong. nice going. discord Junior. you are fortunate she did not expel you she. simply gave you 4 weeks of detention. honey it really is the 3 complaint i've. obtained this month i thought the other. mishaps lied but this it's worse than. the time you drop the piano on those. colds heads okay i am sorry. Hello I do not know what it came to visit me I. I did not mean to look it's no hassle you. have been standing up for your folks but. you heard these ponies simply did they. harm you and dinky I desire I had performed. worse screw only then it would have all.

Stopped they're correct mommy. perhaps i am evil like they are saying good day I. don't want to be evil you just want a. undesirable decision what if I can't control. myself subsequent time what a fight you will. be trained honey in any case you had these. classes which why like that will help you do not. maybe perhaps you should not use your. powers anymore we're in line with at school. ok ok I still imagine you are noticeably. loopy lower back there yet thanks for sticking. up for me oh thank you. oh you have a concept why do not we overlook. this complete mess and pass all the way down to sugar. cube nook a very good mouthing always makes. me suppose higher. yay yummy mommy i'll clean the toilet. this night merely please please. sprinkles and a cherry on top all right. pinky sure hiya appear hi. let's take a notion i'm not hungry you. can't restrict your folks perpetually I believe. I'm a freak you don't know that and if.

They do it's a Jesse proofing wrong. anyway they have already obvious us. howdy screwy hey look I know you most likely. don't want to talk to me lower back after. what I did are you kidding that changed into. amazing. yeah you mean you're not mad mad certain we. were a bit freaked yet it's about. time somepony taught these bullies. hear just don't cross Looney on us back. okay that scared the hell out of me now. what are you doing standing down there. for we're neighbors are not we come on grab. a chair thanks you men. I don't know what I would do if I did not. have neighbors such as you . just ignore at present yeah i am certain. everybody's forgotten all approximately it with the aid of. now. hello Aquafresh hey was it something I. reported. okay what's with the awkward silence. usually around this time screwball is. fiddling with her meals or you're asking. or how her day changed into what is going on right here.

Scruple isn't there anything you desire. to tell daddy approximately what approximately what. happened at school in these days a large number of stuff. happened at school in these days you know what. i am speaking approximately. Oh chocolates story time okay honey. inform daddy what did you do this time hi. hello I played basketball with Gooldie. present silver train that is nice. they have been the basketballs you performed. basketball and fame or the balls oh oh. if i'd were there to determine that huh. oh wait i can excuse me while I pop returned. in time for a bit that changed into. priceless. Oh do you know you have your mother's. evil snort alone Bjork genius Oh. fantastic my pricey certainly brilliant. you made your father very proud do not. you spot what's happening right here what that. my little female. ultimately taught those brats no longer to debris. with the house of discord discord my. communicate with you oh oh very well then.

Darling let's oh you meant talk talk. nope you recognize you might have been extra. specific. discord we want to discuss her. daughter so she bought a touch carried. away large deal difficulty you a lot alike you. two are why should it she is my daughter. that's exactly why we should be involved. are you saying you have been provide having my. toddler oh i like her just aas much as you. do. we are ours they are getting out of hoof. she's younger yet i've a fartist well. the things he calls her today names are. not anything the cultural monster what. oh so freak huffily my kite ok I got. the image don't you spot she would wind. up an outcast like you did what if. whatever makes her lose handle don't. say it. ah now now now pricey that's not. exaggerated I know it's a horrible factor. to signify but it could ensue no it. will not how are you going to be so sure because.

She's your daughter in addition she may have. my demented mind yet she also has your. good coronary heart that's how i do know that no. subject how routinely she loses handle. she can now not move down the trail I left. in the past. but anyway you've long gone insane a couple. of instances yourself excuse me what i love. it once you pass nuts it is so appealing. you are sitting on the sofa tonight what. you can't kick me out of bed i am the. grasp of this dwelling. I'm the only with magic powers scoober. your daddy desires a timeout tonight okay. mommy. trip what do you suggest a timeout. honey. howdy Hello aah locked no matter what why. cannot I screwie. did you set a mystical barrier around our. bed room maybe she positioned you up to this. didn't she. here is a pillow and blanket so you don't. get uncomfy screwy sweetheart um you. understand that baseball bat you mostly wanted.

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