How Education Impacted serial entrepreneur Tal Dilian's Life

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26 May 2022

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How education has helped Tal Dilian to become an entrepreneur and philanthropist in Cyber Tech

Tal Dilian was raised in Jerusalem, a son to teachers. He was lucky to be admitted to a high school. He couldn't have imagined himself missing the chance to receive a high-school education.

Opportunities that allowed him to develop his career and build his success and also to fund his charitable work.

Students of all backgrounds received equal education at this Jerusalem Gymnasium. The school encouraged students to reach their academic potential despite their economic status.

It is crucial to ensure that all students have access to high-quality education so that it can foster development. Tal's profound understanding of the concept made an impression on the students.

He enrolled in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) following high school. He was combatant in an top Special Operations Unit of the Intelligence Corps in the IDF. In the following years, he was the Chief of Staff for the Technological Unit.

When he was in the army In the army, he was given the Israeli Defense Prize, the most prestigious award given to an individual for outstanding contributions to Israel's security. All of his options for a military career were possible because of the information he gained from his formal education.

It was Tal Dilian's great knowledge of the power of education that helped expose him to new concepts and ideas. He knew it was the right time to pursue his education at a higher level. He enrolled in Tel Aviv University and took part in the Interdisciplinary program for outstanding students. He graduated with an undergraduate degree law degree, a law degree, and an MBA during this time.

Tal Dilian has been promoted from the Intelligence Community and to the Startup Scene

After 25 years of service in the Israel Defense Forces, Tal Dilian retired with all military honors. Tal Dilian was keen to launch a business that would lead him from entrepreneurship all the way into cyber intelligence.

SolarEdge Technologies was founded by Dilian in 2006. The company, based in Herzliya Israel manufactures solar inverters and power optimizers as well as monitoring systems to check the performance of photovoltaic arrays.

He also tried his luck in 2005 with Vidyo, an Israeli company that provided video conferencing and other services.

Tal Dilian Intellexa

He was Chief Security Architect for American AGT from 2009 until 2010. He was also a Special Advisor to Punj Lloyd Ltd.

Tal Dilian

In the year 2010, Tal Dilian became a board member of the 3D printer maker Stratasys and was later elevated to the position of Executive Vice President of Global Products and Technology.

His responsibilities include managing the entire lifecycle of a product, including global R&D and marketing.

Tal Dilian's most recent venture, Intellexa, has been an immediate success.

Together with Intelligence agencies as well as Law Enforcement Agencies, the company has developed a system that helps them protect their communities. Intellexa offers Law Enforcement Agencies intelligence reports that assist them in catching criminals. The report assists in improving their efficiency and results in quicker and more efficient results.

Dilian co-founded several ventures within the medical-bio-med industry which included Medovie.

Tal Dilian utilizes his experience in business to promote the highest quality of education and to support philanthropy

How Education Impacted serial entrepreneur Tal Dilian's Life

Quality education is critical for society's growth and development.

Tal Dilian A non-profit group that offers education to youngsters who are in poverty, co-founded Atidim in the year 2000. He became the CEO.

Atidim is a national program in Israel that aims to reduce the socio-economic disparity and foster a more diverse and inclusive society, is a prime example of Atidim. It accomplishes this by providing the opportunity to educate youth from the most disadvantaged regions in Israel.

Tal Dilian believed equality in education was vital for any country's long-term success. Therefore, he founded Atidim.

Students will be able to enhance their English, science, and math skills while also improving their matriculation scores. This will allow students to do better on extremely competitive university entrance examinations.

Atidim students get 40,000 NIS (12,425 USD) annually to pay tuition costs. They also receive a computer, housing and other living costs, which allows children from families with low incomes to pursue a degree.

Students are exposed choices for careers and learning in higher education institutions as well as high-tech businesses.

Atidim began with 90 young talents. The number today is higher than 50,000.

Former beneficiaries are now employed in the high-tech, financial and defense industries. They contribute to the growth of the economy of the nation and also give to their communities.


Atidim's CEO over five years was Tal Dilian. The diversity model used in the running of Atidim had successfully led to an economic revolution and healthy communities.

Daroma Tzafona: Expanding Atidim’s reach

Tal Dilian left Atidim as CEO in the middle of the year. In the same time he founded the non-profit Daroma alongside Haim Florblatt Nir Gilad and Eitan Wertheimer.

Atidim's model of diversity was utilized to create and implement visions that promote economic growth and healthy communities. The knowledge and experiences Dilian was able to gain up to that point led Dilian to become the Senior Director in Strategic Regional Development in the Atidim's organization. The focus is on the Negev region as well as southern Israel's development.

The Israeli government approved the development of the Negev region, which was largely deserted, for 17 billion NIS (5 million USD).

The Negev region encompasses 60% of Israel's territory however only 8 percent of the inhabitants lived there when Daroma was established.

Tal Dilian, along with his three cofounders were driven by one objective. They wanted to encourage people to relocate to the area as well as attract businesses and government institutions.

In the present, Daroma is called DaromaTzafona which means that it is focused on developing Israel's northern Galilee region.

The company's annual growth rate is 6% and it has employed over 4000 people in its surrounding regions.

If you're looking for ways to make a community grow again it is essential to consider how quality education can aid.

Tal Dilian Intelexa

Tal Dilian's path to get a degree is a tale about gratitude and dedication. Tal didn't lose sight of where he came from or the value of his education.

The reason he has achieved his success is due as well as a balanced childhood and youth due to his abilities to enter into the business and entrepreneurial world.

He was a star in the army, higher education, and later in the biomedical- and cyberintelligence industries.

Tal Dilian

He also contributed to the community by establishing non-profit organizations that offered high-tech as well as higher education. Atidim and Daroma Tzafona are focused on socio-economic mobility for underprivileged youth from the North and South of Israel.

Education is crucial. It can't be stressed enough. The learning experience of one person is able to impact the lives of many others - personally, throughout a community, and across an entire state as Tal Dilian has demonstrated.


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