Links of pieces discussed in video 2 (fingering)


24 October 2018

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Links of pieces discussed in video 2 (fingering):

Note: * Please let me know if any of the links aren't working properly!

1: Czerny Etude de Mechanisme, Op. 849:,_Carl-Etudes_de_Mechanisme_Op_849_Peters_7765_scan.pdf

2: Czerny The five finges, 24 practice pieces, Op. 777:

3: Czerny 100 practice pieces, Op. 139,_Carl-100_Uebungsstuecke_Op_139_Peters_6983-84_scan.pdf

4. LemoineEtudes Enfantines, Op 37:,_Op._37_(piano).pdf

PS. Did you know that on the website you can find any score from any composer without copyright (they have to have died more than 75 years ago) for free? 10's of thousands of free scores, Beethoven, Mozart sonata's Chopin's Nocturnes, you can find literally any copyright free score there!
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