How is Shiatsu Massage different from Acupuncture?

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22 February 2022

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Shiatsu massage has become very famous in recent years. Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork using pseudoscientific methods of traditional Chinese medicine including the concept that of "qi" (or "energy." 부산출장마사지 Having originally been widely used by Tokujiro Namikoshi during the latter part of the twentieth century, shiatsu has been thoroughly embraced by people across the Western world. The underlying concept of shiatsu is recognition that all disease is due to an imbalance of energy in an internal organ , or "system" as well as an external organ, or "ritual" that is caused by another human or force of energy.

Shiatsu massage employs a variety of methods to balance the energy within your body. You can choose from various Shiatsu massages such as Neuromuscular and Spinal release Therapy or Phyto-Emotional Shiatsu. All of the techniques are designed to balance an inner organ, system or energy source and external source. For patients who require Shiatsu massage, the therapist applies steady pressure (known as Tui Na to those in Japan) on certain meridian areas, in particular the spinal meridian points. Apart from applying pressure to these meridian points, the therapist can utilize other techniques such as holding the thumbs or fingers in a curled posture while gently massage the skin of the back and neck or abdomen.

Additionally, in addition to applying pressure to specific meridian points, Shiatsu massage also involves different techniques. In the case of treating patients with shiatsu massage the therapist can also employ specific acupressure strokes on particular areas of tension in the muscles. They make use of muscles that naturally tension the body in order to achieve this. Tension releases negative energy that may lead to healing of the body and boosts the immune system.

The method used to deliver the stimulation is another important differentiator between Shiatsu massages and traditional deep-tissue massage. Shiatsu massage is based on light contact pressure, and is based on the beneficial effects of the flowing qi (pronounced Chee) it is a form of life force energy. Qi, an invisible energy field which surrounds all living creatures and is believed to be what makes up the Qi. Qi is the vital energy flowing from the top of the body towards the bottom. It's believed to be the base for a healthy lifestyle. In order to promote health and well-being, Shiatsu massage aims to boost Qi circulation throughout the body.

The application of pressure to fingers, also known as finger manipulation is another technique for applying Shiatsu massage. To relieve tension and stimulate healing, the therapists use constant pressure to specific areas on the pelvis and spine. This is different from traditional fingers because it employs gentle, continuous pressure. It also makes delicate movements to stimulate certain locations throughout of the spine.

A key distinction between shiatsu and other forms of Chinese treatment is the belief that the reason for illness or dis-ease resides inside the body. Shiatsu believes it is because energy (chi) is continuously moving throughout the body, forming and dislodging meridian points. If the chi flow isn't balanced and the channels for energy flow through the meridian can become blocked, leading to many issues such as pain, illness, and illness. The therapists of Shiatsu aim to relieve these blocks by pressing down on specific points along the length of the spine. It will lead to an improved state of health and the removal of any toxins which are trapped.

Shiatsu massage is not an aspect of Western medicine. Instead, it promotes the healing process and recuperation. Shiatsu massage therapy was developed to boost the health of the entire body through the use of acupuncture as well as Chinese medicine. With the use of fingers pressure or pressure points the therapist can be able to clear channels of energy (qi) which have been blocked or are otherwise vibrating in a rapid rate. In doing so the therapist assists in bring back the flow of energy to the affected organ thus helping to speed up the healing process.

While shiatsu massage is often available in specially-designed massage chairs, it is also possible for therapists to offer the same type of massage to clients who prefer to receive this kind of therapy in a more natural environment. Many people are afraid to have acupuncture treatments at their own home. This is the reason why a number of manufacturers now make special massage chairs that offer shiatsu massage. Although these chairs look very similar to classic massage chairs that are found in clinics and medical offices but they're also fitted with pressure points and other options that allow the massage masseuse to offer shiatsu treatments without ever having to stand up. Massage therapists can offer this massage to patients in a relaxing and safe method to ease persistent pain or any other ailment.

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