Naked In My Backyard Getting Fucked

13 June 2023

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My breasts were handing and they were slapping around everywhere from the jostling that they were receiving. He was super hard inside me and fucking me as if I were a rag doll. I had not felt him that excited in years but then again we had never had an audience before either.

As he pounded into me hard I looked around our backyard slowly. There were several husbands and wives that lived on our street on either side of us leaning back against our fence and taking in the view. I knew that as soon as the show was over that they would all be in the same position on our lawn and fucking just like I was being fucked.

This had not happened over night. In fact it had taken several months to reach this point. My husband likes for me to get dolled up so that he can show me off. He loves it when I show extra cleavage or wear a really short skirt. He really loves it when I don’t wear panties either. He goes ape shit whenever I open my legs and let strangers look up my skirts.

As our playful exhibitionism tendencies progressed we threw a neighborhood barbecue. We have a big hot tub that holds twelve people that feeds water into our in-ground swimming pool. Then off to the far end is a kiddy wading pool. The previous owners had children, while we do not.

I am thirty-five years old and strongly considering having children before I get too much older. My wonderful forty-year-old husband doesn’t care one way or the other as long as he gets all the sex that he wants.

Anyway on the barbecue invitation was a picture of him and I in out bathing suits. He was in the smallest Speedo that we could find and I was in a little girl’s string bikini that I found on line. It just barely covered my areolas and my pussy slit. His idea was to let all of the men in the neighborhood have a good quality photograph of me in next to nothing. It certainly worked because I got several compliments on it from the men in the neighborhood. Inside the invitation was the date and time, a list of what food and drink would be available, and the fact that the water would be the center of our entertainment.

That Saturday people started arriving just before noon. The men seemed disappointed that I was in a more normal bikini and made comments to that affect.

As the drinks flowed everyone loosened up. Jim our neighbor on the right was some sort of radio station person and seemed to take over our entertainment. My husband told me that he had set him up to see how far he could get the women in the neighborhood to go. What!

He held a bikini contest where the smallest one was chosen as well as the largest bikini, then the one that looked the best on its owner. Then the men got to pick the largest set of breasts as well as the smallest set and the most perfect set. After that were best butt, longest legs, and nicest hair competitions. Surprisingly I won the best in all of the contests.

Then our neighbor started the men begging for me to put on the bikini that I was wearing in the invitation. I told then that I would if some of the other women would too. So then the husbands were pleading and begging their wives to put it on too. The women had seen the picture and knew just how little it covered. Finally one husband was able to bribe his wife and her sister to wear it too. It cost him dearly too, a full day for both of them in a spa.

I took them up to my bedroom and explained to them that I had bought three tiny bikinis just so that I could excite my husband and have more than one. So we could all put one on at the same time.

Jill and Joyce were sisters and Jill was the older one and married to a man three houses down from us. Joyce was only twenty-one and in college so she was actually up for anything, plus we had all been drinking.

As we removed our bikinis to put the tiny ones on, Joyce cupped one of Jill’s breasts and kissed her. As I smiled Joyce then cupped my pussy and kissed me too. I knew that we didn’t have enough time to really enjoy ourselves so I just fingered Jill as her sister fingered me. I saw that Jill was fingering her sister too and that we had a three-way masturbation session going on. I knew that Jill and I would become much better friends after this. Once the three of us had had our orgasms I asked them if I could wipe up their pussy juices with some of my hankies so that my husband could smell of them later. They smiled and even signed then for me after I opened up their pussies and got as much of their juices on them as possible. Then Jill needed to do me for her husband. I smiled as she poked that hankie around inside me with her fingers. It felt incredibly good and she gave me a second orgasm.

When we put on those tiny bikinis we hardly cared if they covered anything or not. Just to be funny I tucked Joyce’s tiny bottom up into her pussy, she did the same to Jill, who then did it to me. So we walked out into the backyard to a series of shoots, hoots, and whistles. Cameras flashed everywhere at the three of us.

Joyce got so wrapped up in the excitement that she grabbed my crotch again and kissed me right in front of about twelve other couples. Then she grabbed Jill’s crotch and kissed her too. Finally Jill grabbed Joyce’s crotch and kissed me. Before we knew it we were masturbating one another right out in the open with people all around us. All the men went wild and just a couple of the women objected to the show of lesbian affection in public and said so. Soon they were dragging their husbands off. I could tell that they didn’t want to go and miss the show.

After things calmed down a little our radio man suggested some more contests. There was the widest and longest nipples, the largest areolas, and the biggest clit, followed by the deepest hole. My husband was chosen to test our depths with my eighteen-inch-long double-ended dildo. He pushed it in and fucked it into us several times until it was at its maximum depth when he pressed his thumb into it and then held it against a ruler. The winner was the radio man’s wife. She just smiled and said that her husband was well endowed.

Before the sun was even setting all of us women were totally nude and being felt up by one another, our husbands, and all of the other husbands too. In essence a good time was had by all.

Our backyard barbecue became a bikini contest that turned into an orgy. I know for a fact that I had six of my neighbor’s cocks in my pussy including the radio man next door and he sure filled me to a depth previously unknown. I sucked two other cocks and took the last one up my ass, but he had the smallest cock. I was sorry that the other two men were dragged away by their wives because I could have enjoyed two more cocks about then. I could have my husband anytime so I let him try to fuck all of the women. With Joyce we had one more woman than we had men so my husband got to slip his cock into ten other pussies. He said that he cum in three of them and I believed him. Only three of the cocks in my pussy had cum plus the one in my ass. The two cocks that I had sucked just wanted to poke them into someone else’s pussy.

By the time that our barbecue was over our neighborhood was much better acquainted. Everyone had kissed, fondled, and fucked everyone else. Well the men didn’t kiss, fondle, and fuck one another but us women sure did. After the men were all worn out I got to taste all ten of the women as they tasted me. That was another of the radio man’s ideas, that we women sixty-nine right down the line until we had all had a taste of the other. In a similar fashion I got to suck all of the cocks as the guys licked my pussy too. Like I said by the time that our barbecue was over our neighborhood was much better acquainted.

That is why when I let my husband fuck me in the middle of our backyard a week later that we had an audience. He had sent them all text messages to let them know what we were up too and to see if they wanted to join in.

Before he had cum in me all ten of us women were on the ground in a circle with our heads toward the center. Our men were pounding us from behind as they looked at the other wives with hanging tits getting rammed by their husbands.

I was very pleased with our new and improved neighborhood as the men traded women and a different cock entered me. I could tell that it was the radio man because only he could go that deep into me. I really liked it.

The End
Naked In My Backyard Getting Fucked

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