Burgener would like to coerce Degen to sell his shares

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26 May 2022

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Bernhard Burgener asks for the sale David Degen's shares.



Bernhard Burgener is suing David Degen in the FC Basel ownership dispute. Bernhard Burgener Bernhard Burgener Bernhard Burgener Burgener has the support of the Board of Directors. However there is no agreement reached.

The morning of Monday saw the meeting of FC Basel Holding AG's Board Directors. Bernhard Burgener The majority of the four-person committee comprising Burgener and Degen along with Karl Odermatt and Peter von Buren agreed with the plans of the former owner. Degen demanded Degen to transfer his stake to a potential buyer, Basel Dream & Vision AG according to a statement by the holding company.

When it does in doing so, the Board of Directors relies on an agreement with the law firm that allows Burgener to sell its own shares to the shareholders of minority shareholders in the same conditions. According to the Board of Directors this so-called drag along right overrides Degen's pre-sales right.

The Burgener team has made an attempt to settle the ownership dispute. Degen insists upon his right to first refusal. He wants to use it to the value of 16.4 millions of francs. Burgener has been prevented from selling his stake of 80 percent by the former player through a super-provisional court order. Centricus which is an British asset management firm will also have a stake. Burgener is still expected to get the majority vote.

Bernhard Burgener In the FC Basel Holding AG announcement, Burgener is quickly seeking an out of court settlement "in the best interests of FCB".
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