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09 November 2018

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Don't waste your time with this pile'o'junk, go play in the highway, you'll feel better afterwords than if you were to watch this movie. Because of Hathaway's talent as an actress, as well as her successful exploitation of the public's predominant perception of her as a wholesome girl next door for this film, it is easy for the audience to believe that Hathaway's character is the rebel-without-a-clue fish out of water that the script is trying to portray her as.

Not what little preppy white kids consider the hood, but the actual hood. But like all revelations, sometimes it takes the hard way to learn a lesson, and the movie picked up on this rather rapidly in the last third, once they got enticed into playing a game of dice with sexual connotations in order to be initiated into Hector's gang. It's heartening to see that this self-conscious attempt has completely failed.

Download Havoc 720p free torrent - This brings me to the directing.

If you actually watched this film closely, and had an open point of view, you'd see that the only thing in this movie that lacks credibility, is Anne's age. Maybe you can't accept that the things you seen in this movie actually do happen. Because I respect many of the leads and they have done great work in the past, I can only blame the awful choices on the director. In one scene in the movie, after the 2 girls roll the dice... No, It's not Citizen Kane, but it is an extraordinary piece of work for a teenager. What we are really seeing is truly how superficial that these kids are. Is it my imagination or does the gorgeous Bijou Phillips always play exactly the same role -- a sexually eager girl who gets in over her head, discovering the hard way that yes, she has limits? The only challenge I believe she had was showing her breasts. I don't mean that negatively, and I actually give her credit for really becoming the character.


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