undisputed reasons for using corporate gifts

14 March 2022

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There are undisputed reasons for using corporate gifts

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1. Significant increase in brand awareness
Brand identity means that customers can instantly identify what your company offers. Just seeing your logo is enough for them to remember your work and the products you offer. Everyone recognizes the apple inc. logo or kfc and that's because these brands focus on building brand recognition. In the long run, those promotional items you offer your customers will help them remember your business and recognize what you're doing. In our opinion, this is enough reason to give away a promotional item. According to leading research, 89% of people remember an advertiser within two years of receiving a promoted product. If you choose the right product, it will be with them. It will be in their car, office or home for a long time. 6 out of 10 people who get a promotional item will keep it for two years. It's a constant ad that reminds them of your company. Then, when they go shopping or looking for services, they will remember you. Here's your reward - when they need a service or product from you, they'll come thanks to the branded mugs, totes, promotional pens, drawstring pouches, water bottles emblazoned on, or company umbrellas you give them Find you, not your competitors.

2. Inexpensive daily exposure
When a company advertises its products and services on social media, on TV or on billboards, the ad appears in front of your eyes for only a few seconds. On the other hand, useful promotional gifts are with you most of the time. right in your sight.

If you make a stylish promotional t-shirt or jacket, your customers will wear that gift for years and walk around with your brand name for everyone to see. If you give them a custom branded mug, they'll drink it every day. If you give them a USB stick as a keychain, they will put their key on it and remember your brand every time they use their key or USB stick. And, according to PPAI, people tend to keep these products for up to two years. It's a two-year ad that a person sees every day and their friends, colleagues and family at least once or twice.