How to access linkforged links!

15 July 2023

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These instructions only works on mobile.

1. open the link and select an app download offer.

2. select an app with an easy task like a download. follow the instructions and download the app from the app store.

3. open the app and run it for 30 seconds.

4. return to the page that had the offers on it and reload the page to get the mega.

5 make sure to delete any app or browser you neede to install after you get the mega so you can get the same easy offer to complete. Tiktok is also an easy download you can repeat so make sure your phone doesnt have it if you want this easy step.

6. its recommended that you use mobile since its much easier The only easy desktop step is the opera gx install where you download the browser and open it. delete it after like the mobile apps so that you may get it again next time.