Fico Gutierrez continues his victory over voters. He advanced campaign in Boyaca

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25 April 2022

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Federico Gutierrez as presidential candidate says that votes can only be won on the street. There are only 32 days until the first round of the presidential election and he's pledging to take on Gustavo Petro, who is his main rival, for the House of Narino vote in the second round.

Gutierrez got up on Saturday and set out to Boyaca, a renowned religious district which Petro visited on Friday. Former mayor of Medellin was now a candidate to the right-center. visited Tunja and spoke with farmers, academics, peasants, and businessmen.

Fico's main meeting was held at Tunja Convention Center. There was a large group of citizens who supported his candidacy on May 29 2009.

With ruana, and hundreds of Colombians behind the candidate of the Team for Colombia, Federico uploaded a video to Twitter where he expressed his gratitude to the citizens of Tunja as well as saying: "we're Going to win and we all are running for president to change and unite Colombia," said the president's candidate as he recorded a swarm of people who support him without pause.

"Happy at Boyaca!" He said he was very happy in Boyaca due to the fact that he is the President of the People.

The second-placed voter in the polls, the pointer, made it to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira. is a place where a large number of faithful and followers come from all over of the country every weekend. of the center-right knelt before the Virgin and was in the presence of his faithful followers, who were waiting for the morning Eucharist.

"I asked the Virgin to provide me with a lot of wisdom. He said that he had asked for his help in my family, as well as for all the families in Colombia.

The presidential candidate recorded a video of his visit at the location. Before enteringthe building, the presidential candidate sat down with many residents of the region. They hugged him and were wearing a uniform from Colombia.

Gutierrez arrived at the temple of religious worship wearing the traditional Boyacan ruana and the medal of the Virgin of Chiquinquira on his chest, a sign of spirituality that he has been demonstrating throughout his campaign. Keep in mind that Antioquian, one of the Colombian saint, traveled to Jericho, Antioquia three weeks ago. Then, he attended a gathering at Mother Laura's birthplace which was recently blessed and canonized by Pope Francis.

The candidate for Chiquinquira was able to meet the people and make announcements for those who will be arriving at the presidential palace. The leader of the paisa addressed various other issues of importance, including water security, roads maintenance and construction (especially Ruta de los Comuneros section and Ubate-Chiquinquira sections) and tourism to help create jobs and sustainably develop.

Fico Gutierrez talked about work. claimed that Tunja is the second-highest unemployment rate in the country. The government's plan is to create "about 21,000 jobs and at minimum 300 new businesses in Boyaca".

But, he also stated that sustainable mobility must be developed within the department. To achieve this, he pointed out that the Strategic Public Transport System structure must be given priority. He also said that he would continue to work on the development of roads and cycling routes.

In his latest tweet, Gutierrez also addressed the producers of the potato as well as the field, saying "Peasants of Boyaca: we are determined to create greater opportunities for you and rehabilitate the field." Gutierrez continues to reach out to the Colombian population and will continue to share his government's plan. hopes to stand out at the next election , which is scheduled for May 29.
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