How To Make Use Of The Ban-IP Command In Minecraft

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26 June 2022

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It is the rationale that the IP handle has been banned. The explanation will likely be exhibited to the player if they attempt to connect with the server from the banned IP address. The explanation will even be displayed in the server logs.


- Java

Instance in Java Edition (Laptop/Mac)

Listed below are some examples of how one can ban an IP address on a Minecraft server.

To ban an IP deal with with no purpose offered:

To ban an IP handle with a purpose:

To ban the IP address of a participant named TheNotWanted that is at present online (with no cause offered):

To ban the IP address of a player named TheNotWanted that is presently online with a reason:

How to Enter the Command

1. Open Server Console

To run a server command, the instructions fluctuate relying on your version of Minecraft:

- For Java Version (Laptop/Mac), open a server console. Use Command Prompt in Windows or Terminal on a Mac.

2. Sort the Command

We will cover examples of how to use the /ban-ip command so as to add an IP deal with to the server's blacklist using an IP handle as well as the name of a player that's on-line.

Ban an IP using the IP Handle

The simplest strategy to ban an IP handle is by specifying the IP handle in the /ban-ip command.

For example, you would ban an IP deal with with the next command:

Once the command has been entered, the IP address will likely be added to the server's blacklist and banned from the server. Any players (ie: TheNotWanted) which are connected to the server with that IP tackle will probably be immediately disconnected from the server with the following message:

Ban an IP Handle utilizing an internet Participant

If you know the title of the participant that is currently online whose IP tackle you wish to ban, you possibly can enter the participant title in the command as a substitute.

For example, you might ban an IP address using the participant identify with the next command:

In this instance, now we have entered the player title TheNotWanted. Because the IP handle for TheNotWanted is, this IP deal with shall be banned and added to the blacklist (or ban checklist). For this command to work, the participant Have to be on-line whenever you subject the /ban-ip command utilizing a participant identify.

To enter the /ban-ip command in Minecraft, you must enter it as a server command (see under):

It's best to see the message "Banned IP handle belonging to TheNotWanted" seem within the server console.

Now any players which are linked to the server with that IP handle of can be immediately disconnected from the server with the following message:

In this example, the player named TheNotWanted will see the message "Connection Misplaced. Game servers will have been IP banned." in the sport window.

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