Desire to fuck sister's pussy

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21 December 2023

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Read in Sister Brother Sex Story how I convinced my married sister for sex and fucked my sister's pussy in my house. He also enjoyed it a lot. You too enjoy.

Hello friends, my name is Vicky. I am a resident of Delhi. I like reading sex stories. Today for the first time I have come before you with my sex story. I hope you like the true story of my sister brother sex.

There are five people in my family. Me, my elder sister Suman, younger sister Khushboo, mother and father.

Suman got married three years ago and Khushboo got married one year ago.

Both my sisters are amazingly beautiful… but I find Khushboo very hot and sexy. Khushboo's breasts are very big and tight, seeing her youthful youth anyone would want to fuck her. I also felt like doing it a lot, but never had the courage.

It was the month of November, mother's health had deteriorated, so Khushboo had to come here to cook food and take care of her mother.

We got treatment in Delhi, but there was no difference… so father took mother to the village. Now Khushboo and I were left at home.

After cooking in the morning, she came to give me food, so I started talking to her - how is everyone at the in-laws' house?

Khushboo- Everyone is good, tell me, how is your girlfriend?
Me- Where friend, I don't have any girlfriend, you make one.

We both were open minded, that's why we used to talk like this. I also used to smoke cigarettes in front of her. She also used to enjoy cigarettes and drinks with me. But I had not had a sitting with him for a long time.

I lit a cigarette and started looking at her breasts while taking a puff. When she saw me staring at her like this, she smiled lightly.

Khushboo- Why should I make it, you make it yourself. Anyway, now your eyes have started getting addicted to seeing girls.
I puffed on the cigarette again and said – What do you mean?
She said – Improve yourself, you bastard… he is doing drama even though he understands everything. Just now you were talking about your girlfriend… tell me!

I didn't stop caressing her breasts and said - I don't get along with anyone, but I feel like I wish I had a girlfriend, I would have had a lot of fun with her. You become my girlfriend.
Khushboo- Are you crazy, I am your sister.
Me- So what, you can't do this much for me… I will love you very much.
Khushboo- Vicky what has happened to you? I am going to take a bath. …After eating food, kept the utensils in the kitchen.
Looking at the bulge of her breasts, I said - I will give you a lot of fun, I am sure.

Khushboo went away slightly angry. I was very much in the mood to hug her… on top of that, the weather was also cold. Her breasts were driving me crazy. I threw away the cigarette and started caressing my penis.

She was in the bathroom. I was thinking that I should enjoy seeing my naked sister.

When I looked through a crack in the bathroom door, the view inside was very hot. Khushboo was completely naked inside and was fingering her clean pussy. Her breasts were bouncing and bouncing in tune with his fingers.

Then I felt honey melting in my ears. Khushboo was saying in a light voice - Ah Vicky... Your eyes touched my breasts, my pussy was on fire. Now you are my brother… otherwise I would have got fucked by your cock at that very moment. But now I can't help myself. If I get a chance today, I will definitely get the itch of my pussy quenched with your cock.

I understood that the arrangement for sex was done.

I came into the room, took off my clothes, stood in a Frenchie and started calling – Khushboo, you come out quickly, then I also have to take a bath.
Khushboo- Yes, I am coming.
My penis was erect at this time and had become extremely restless to crush Khushboo's youth.

When Khushboo came out of the bathroom after taking a bath, my penis got harder after seeing her… because she was wearing a top on top, but was not wearing a bra inside.

She saw my erect penis and went to her room giving a charming smile.

In the evening I asked her – will anything work?
Khushboo- Yes friend, I am in a mood today… I will take one or two pegs.

I quickly took out the whiskey bottle kept in my cupboard and made two pegs. She came in front of me wearing a babydoll. Through this, her naked thighs were gleefully pricking my eyes with their lubrication.

We both finished two pegs. Then when I lit the cigarette, Khushboo took the cigarette from my hand and opened her legs.

I said- You are looking very hot today.
Fragrance- Want to buy?
I said – I have been dying for a long time… my penis is erect after seeing your smooth pussy.
Khushboo- When did you see my smooth pussy?
Me- When you were fingering your pussy remembering my cock in the bathroom. Now don't fuck with drama, come sit on my lap.

She laughed and sat on my lap.

The night was getting young and we both shared a drink with each other, then after eating the food kept on the table, we started preparing for sex.

Now I could no longer control myself and I pulled off my sister's babydoll and made her naked. Ah… what a wonderful youth it was.

My sister's fair body was attracting me towards her. Her red lips looked like rose petals. I didn't think anything and without wasting any time I placed my lips on her lips and started sucking passionately.

For a moment I felt as if I had put my lips to a honey pot.

Due to this, Khushboo's lust also got aroused and she said - I knew that your mind was restless... and you would not agree... but today!
I looked at her with lust and said – But today… what are you trying to say… tell me completely!
Khushboo- see your penis today

Now I could no longer control myself, I started licking her pussy. Her pussy was completely pink and her pubic hair was clean.
When I started sucking my sister's pussy, she started saying 'Ummh... Ahhh... Hay... Yaah... Ufff.'

Now she had become completely sensual.

Khushboo- Fuck me brother… fuck me hard, tear your sister's pussy… today whatever you feel like doing, do it.
I was also in full enthusiasm – Yes my sister, today I will tear your pussy and ass.

Now I set my penis on Khushboo's pussy and gave a strong push. Half of my penis got inside my sister's pussy.
Khushboo- Ahhh… mmmmmmm… ahhh… brother, take it easy.

But where was I going to stop? I inserted my entire penis into her vagina, which hit her uterus. I started fucking her.

Khushboo- Ahhh… Uff… Ahhh… I am enjoying it, my brother… Fuck me harder. … Make me your whore… I am your bitch, your mistress.
Me: Yes, you are my whore, I will strip you naked in the middle of the market and fuck you…my bitch.

After fucking for some time, I took out my cock from her pussy and put it in her mouth – Ah… suck it, my whore.
That ummmmm…ummmmm. …After doing this she started sucking her brother's penis.

Khushboo- Wow, the taste of your penis is also good. Brother, make me your wife. I will serve you all my life. I will do whatever you say. Just keep fucking me like this.
Me: Absolutely my whore wife. I will fuck you for the rest of my life.

Khushboo had ejaculated twice and now once again she was excited and eager to get fucked by my penis.

I took out my penis from her mouth and inserted it into her pussy. The penis started rustling deep inside. After a slight sigh from her, I started pushing harder.

Khushboo started saying ‘Ahhh… Ahhh… Ummmmhhh uff…’.

After about 25 minutes, I ejaculated into her pussy and remained lying on it for some time.

After this I fucked my sister's ass and ejaculated again. Our sex game continued throughout the night.

Mom and dad came after a month. But till then I fucked my sister's pussy and ass a lot. Faluda had become of her pussy. The big thing was that she had removed her vermilion… she had also removed the mangalsutra.

It so happened that on the third day itself, before having sex, I told him - Man, I don't get the feeling of fucking my wife while fucking you.
On this he said- Take this my brother, take vermillion… and fulfill my demand. Make me your whore or your wife, whatever you want. But fuck with all your heart and strength.
I fulfilled her demand and made her wear Mangalsutra.

When she touched my feet, I said – Always keep getting your ass-pussy fucked by me and my penis should remain in your mouth.
Khushboo shook my penis and said – Yes husband.

After three months, Khushboo went to her in-laws' house and called her in-laws and said - Congratulations, you are going to become a father.
Me- True my sister!
Khushboo- Yes husband and I want a reward for this.
Me: Tell me, what reward do you want my whore?
Khushboo- Your penis my husband.

I said ok and started preparing to go to her in-laws house. Sister's pussy was getting fucked by the cock, wasn't it?

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