How to Grow Cannabis Clones: Your Guide To Getting a Competitive Edge

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16 August 2022

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Cultivating a cutting from another cannabis plant is known as cloning, and it's a incredibly crucial procedure for anyone who wishes to grow marijuana in the house. These little cuttings are essentially baby plants that you can grow into independent adult plants. If you want to start growing marijuana, then discovering how to clone your plants is critical. You can use clones to produce as many brand-new plants as you like, which indicates that your preliminary investment in seeds will last you a lot longer than if you were simply growing those plants from the get-go. When it pertains to cultivating brand-new cannabis plants, there are lots of methods which you can take that initial step with a cutting of another plant, rather than starting with seed. In this article we will cover everything you need to understand about cloning cannabis, consisting of information on why it's so advantageous, suggestions on where and how to do it appropriately and some examples of different ways in which you can accomplish success with this handy method.

What Is Cannabis Cloning?

Cloning is an essential procedure in which you take a piece of a marijuana plant (the stem, an internode, leaves and so on) and you use that piece to grow a brand-new, genetically identical plant. Cloning cannabis plants is really common and is utilized in several environments, from house gardens to large industrial operations. Cloning cannabis has numerous benefits, including the fact that it's faster than growing plants from seeds, it's far more foreseeable and gives you a upper hand on illness prevention. Cloning is often compared to the manner in which new plants sprout from a potato. In this case, the potato is the original plant, and the shoots that grow as the potato begins to rot are clones. As long as they are separated from the original soon enough, they will grow up to be just as healthy as the initial potato plant.

Why Is Cannabis Cloning Important?

Cloning is important for any grower who wishes to produce many brand-new plants quickly and efficiently. You can utilize clones to grow a a great deal of brand-new plants within a very brief timeframe, which means that your preliminary financial investment in cannabis seeds can last you for much longer than if you were growing those plants from the get-go by growing from seeds. With clones, you'll be able to produce brand-new plants fairly quickly and easily, and within a much shorter timeframe than it would take to await your seeds to sprout and grow into mature plants. This can be a genuine boon for growers who are seeking to begin cultivating cannabis as a organization, because it means that they'll have a much shorter growing cycle and can more easily supply a larger number of customers. Growing marijuana from seeds is a little bit more unpredictable, given that you don't know precisely what the final product will appear like. By utilizing clones, you can more easily guarantee that your plants are healthy. Clones are likewise often more resistant to disease, because they have actually currently developed a strong body immune system.

How to Clone Cannabis: Step by Step.

When you're trying to clone a marijuana plant, you'll want to make sure you do it at the correct time. You'll want to cut the plant when it is at the "intermediate" stage of development. If you wait any longer than this, the plant might be too old and may not react too to the cloning process. If you wait any faster, the plant might not have enough energy to produce new roots and shoots. There are a few various methods to clone marijuana plants and a couple of different types of clones you can grow. Cannabis Clones can select a clone from the top of a fully grown plant, a clone from a growing pointer, or a rooted cut from a branch, branchlet, or stem. Once you've picked which type of clone you're going to grow, the rest is quite simple. Just be sure to follow the actions below and you should have healthy new plants in no time!

Key Things to Remember When Trying to Clone Cannabis.

You need to attempt to keep the plant's root system intact. This will assist the plant to endure and thrive after you've sufficed. You need to use tidy, sharp tools when you're cutting the plant. This will assist to prevent the risk of disease. Clones can be rather vulnerable and picky when they're first being grown from cuttings. Keep a close eye on them and ensure they're getting the care they require to leave to a excellent start. Clones can be difficult to root. Take your time, keep them clean, and do not get discouraged if it takes a while for roots to form.

How to Clone Utilizing Shoots.

This method of cloning cannabis works best for plants that have to do with 6 to 8 weeks old. You'll want to take a shoot (this is an un-rooted stem that grows upright) that is approximately 12 to 20 inches long, and you must make certain the nodes (where leaves grow) are healthy and green. If you're growing the clone indoors, keep the plant in a pots or in a grow tent and put the shoot in a shatters-proof container up until it's rooted. If you're growing outdoors, you can simply lay the shoot on the ground until it roots.

How to Clone Using Roots.

This approach is suitable for plants that are currently growing in soil. You'll wish to try to find roots that are about 2 inches long, and you need to put them in a shatters-proof container up until they've grown new shoots.

How to Clone Utilizing Drying and Cutting Boards.

You can use a drying and cutting board to clone marijuana from cuttings that are too young to put into soil. Be sure to keep the cutting board clean and free of insects.

How to Clone Using a Microscope.

This technique is excellent for cloning really young plants. You'll want to try to find newly grown seeds and put them on wet paper towels until they've ended up being root-bound. You can then plant them in soil once they have actually established roots.


The marijuana plant is a resistant and versatile one, which is why cloning is such a helpful and essential strategy. If you want to boost your marijuana yields, cloning is a fantastic alternative. It's important to choose the right plants to clone, and to follow the proper steps to guarantee that your clones achieve success. When you've cloned your plants, you can use them to grow as many new plants as you like, which can help you increase your cannabis yields significantly.

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