Motel can also be referred to as a motor motel bed and breakfast. It is a small

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One benefit of choosing a motel over the hotel is that they offer greater flexibility in choosing. Vacationers can select between double or single bedrooms as well as a suite with three or more bedrooms. Some suites have attached bathrooms and showers , while some offer separate guest rooms with their showers. Other amenities include televisions, coffee bars, and other in-room amenities like cold and hot running waters.

The majority of motels provide basic amenities, like telephones, cable television and facilities in the room. Some motels offer deluxe rooms with bathroom facilities with air conditioning and private baths. All motels don't offer these amenities. Some may advertise "bets," "hotels" or "motels" on their websites, but these terms are usually used in conjunction. While some may declare "rooms only" they could also refer to beds in actual use.

Motels were built in a time when roads were not well-developed and there were few motel companies in close proximity. Many motels were forced to be located on small rural highways, or near major highways. For example, one of the earliest motels was constructed near exits for I-40, US 90 and other interstates in the late 1950s.

In the 1930s, however, the business of motels was booming as people began to vacation more frequently. As more hotels popped up on the tourist circuits, more people came to rely on motel facilities to live in. They then were the preferred option for long-term accommodations. In this way, the motel went from being an area where families would go for a short vacation to a place where families were able to stay for several years. Many motels in South America became family motels by the end of 1930.

The motel industry is still very lucrative. There are numerous national chains as well as small bed and breakfast franchises which have built very large operations in recent years. These large franchise companies invest heavily in advertising and marketing to attract more guests to their motel properties. Recently, some owners of motels have started to offer modern amenities with an additional cost, like the air conditioning, cable TV and/or teleconferencing equipment.

Intercontinental is the biggest chain of large chains with more than 13000 rooms. It is also the market leader in segmentation. The other two major chains with more than 100 thousand rooms include Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn. At this point, it appears there is no rivalry between the two chains. Each chain will try to differentiate itself with its prices, features, and amenities. However, there is always competition. Each motel room may be priced differently based on the needs of the guest.

Traveling on the highway, whether in the city or on the highway bypassed, provides motel owners an opportunity to observe the traffic and evaluate their competition before opening their doors. For instance the Clarksville motel provides a drive-through lunch and offers a lower price for those who purchase prepared meals. Another motel located in Clarksville, Tennessee, advertises on TV the availability of a twenty-four hour room service. 수원op Other motels advertise that they have an all-inclusive breakfast bar and lounge, with 24 hours room service and a pool. They also boast heated swimming pool, an outdoor dining area, a deluxe continental breakfast each morning, and a free daily continental breakfast. These are some of the examples of motel chains that one can find along the highway. Motel owners enjoy a distinct advantage since they can drive through the interstate to get to their destination to make a reservation, and then enjoy their motel room.