What is a stabilizecoin? And how can I buy one?

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10 May 2022

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Russians began buying stablecoins masse shortly after the launch of a Ukrainian-specific operation. Let's see why this cryptocurrency is so well-liked, how to purchase it, and what it can do for us in the face of sanctions.

What is stablecoin?

In the offline world, people use fiat currencies to estimate the price of products and services. The cryptocurrency world has its own set of metrics that include the number of transactions, block size and hashrate. We've added functions to the blockchain in order to enable it to be accessible to not only technical experts, but also to ordinary users.

Stablecoins (digital coins) are tied to US dollars (USD) in a ratio 1:1. Tether was the first to release the USDT cryptocurrency in 2015, was the first to release the cryptocurrency. There are other stablecoins on the market, such as Circle's USDC, or BUSD that is created by the Binance crypto exchange. The creator company is indicated by the letter that ends in.

Stablecoins enable savings in fiat to be transformed easily to digital currencies. This lets you trade or invest instantly. It is also possible to reduce the value of your cryptocurrency savings by using stablecoins during high market volatility. It is possible to convert cryptocurrency into stabilitycoins and wait for conditions that are favorable for the conversion to continue. The best thing about stablecoins? They can be utilized to settle your savings and protect your cash in times when the exchange rate for the currency of your country is low.

Why has the demand for stablecoin increased?

In the past two weeks, the demand for cryptocurrency as a means to safeguard savings has surged in Russia. The number of crypto currency users as well as deposits in rubles have grown on cryptocurrency exchanges. Stablecoins rank second to bitcoin and bitcoin, with USDT being the most well-known.

Statistics from various trading platforms reveal that the number of users has increased by 2 to three times since February. Because the USDT acts as a currency alternative to cash American Dollars, interest in USDT is higher than the demand for bitcoins, and other popular cryptos, however it's not easy to buy now.

For https://cryptonewsru.com/ that the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange has recorded huge amounts of ruble deposits. https://www.kiplinger.com/investing/cryptocurrency/603697/how-do-i-spend-my-bitcoin-and-where was unable to work using Russian Visa and Mastercard bankcards.

If you're Russian and have moved abroad cryptocurrency, crypto, and specifically stablecoins can be used to make money transfers between countries. Stablecoins can be used to swiftly transfer savings between rubles and foreign currencies.

There has been an increase in the amount of cryptocurrency transactions made on the p2p platform. These are the platforms where transactions using crypto currencies occur between two individuals. The platform itself acts as an intermediary, as well as a guarantor of the transaction. The customer purchases cryptocurrency and deposits it into his crypto wallet. Next transfer the money to a bank account.

How can I buy stablecoins online

Crypto Exchanges

To guard yourself against fraudsters It is recommended to purchase stablecoins via a centralized trading platform. However, there have been restrictions on certain sites which make it hard to Russian passport holders to use these coins. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) which don't hold user money can be a viable alternative. A specific commission for a Blockchain is charged for every operation that is carried out on this exchange platform.

Platforms for P2P

This model is a model of partnership for collaboration in a fair and equal manner. Various p2p platforms connect users who want to purchase and sell stablecoins. You can discover amazing deals on purchasing crypto currencies for rubles. Additionally, you can utilize the platform to assure the purchase.

The transaction is completed in two steps:

The buyer pays the seller the amount that is needed to purchase stablecoins.

The seller transfers the buyer a cryptocurrency to his cryptocurrency wallet.

Use only trusted P2P sites to ensure you don't risk losing your funds. Important: Prior to making any transaction, make sure that you confirm the number of orders that have been received as well as the percentage of completed orders. The seller will be more trustworthy if they have lots of orders. Even if the rate of success is low and the site has a huge following but it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be "thrown". However there are the possibility of delays and slow responses from the seller.


There are two types of exchangers for cryptocurrency.

Online - In the online exchanger where the user has to fill out a form , and later receives payment details (in rubles), makes a transfer and then receives the cryptocurrency in his wallet.

Online exchangers can be serviced automatically. So, if you transfer money in rubles, make sure you verify the amount. If not, the robot might not recognize the payment. If you want to use the services of an exchanger, you'll have to pay a commission of 3-10.

Offline exchangers function the same manner as branches of banks have - you are able to transact by going to the exchanger.

How can I remove any restrictions

The cryptocurrencies are now one of the most efficient methods to protect capital from the falling ruble or the inability of euros and dollars. Similar situations have been seen in Turkey, Venezuela, and Turkey.

Stablecoins are a good choice as a substitute for foreign currency. They're digitally equivalent to the dollar and, therefore, more stable than other cryptocurrencies.

Experts suggest using stablecoins to conduct tasks that are not currently possible in Russia because of the restrictions. It is recommended to convert these transactions into cash or other cryptocurrencies that are decentralized once you've completed them.

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