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Novel-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 52 - Test(2) fry royal

Strength completely regained .... Starting upcoming test out stage..... Toughness test out part one particular ... Deadlift the offered weights .... Examination begins in 30s .

Along with the increased PHY stat he could get over circular 28 , 29

His PHY was the best missing stat hence he specified 6 stat issues into PHY out of the unassigned statistics ..... And the following round carried on.

Step removed , great job adventurer , the next level will begin in 30 s be prepared.

The jewel was substantial , and absolutely declined to roll against gravitational pressure. Rudra made use of the shoulder method to support the material together with his complete frame . Employing his legforce he commenced using a step each time.

Even so Rudra was a tiny crack , the pain sensation was alright to him , however not the can you imagine if of the if he may have become a SSS . Really hard prepared himself throughout the suffering , Rudra removed the point with hemorrhaging fingers.

unassigned stat things :16

Position : nothing

unassigned stat points :16


Devices : Established Armour established ( Lv30) , Lich's Engagement ring

Phase cleared , congratulations adventurer , the next level will begin in 30 s be ready.

Rudra want to curse. Nevertheless he was soo pleased to remove the 2nd stage , which he failed to .... Even so his joy was quick lived , quickly he was teleported within the upcoming analyze part.

Concealed statistics

Nonetheless Rudra became a minor crack , the pain was fine to him , but not the what happens if with the items if he could have gotten a SSS . Difficult inclined himself from the ache , Rudra removed the level with internal bleeding fingers.

You might have 240s to get rid of the period . Best of luck!

Capabilities : Darkness bind , Summon Knight Durahal , Windslash , Significant process , Berserk, Darkness great time, Loss Reduce

The 2nd pair of dumbbells made an appearance it had been 55 kgs .... Rudra removed it without trouble likewise. Also he grasped the structure of 5kg progression with every round .

Round 20 Rudra raised the 150 kg weight .... Now experiencing the extra weight improvement in his back . It wasnt effortless.

Dog or cat : unexplainable ovum (????)

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Category : Knight

The end was just across this stage . Rudra only experienced 30s to protect about 60 meters. Rudra begun swinging rapidly holding the gaps but about 20 m in he exhausted the 15 s , Rudra recognized at the fee he would not manage to finish the stage.

PHY : 70 HP : 8000/8000

Ohh good , a time restriction , precisely what i required . Rudra thought. Just as the countdown attained zero Rudra started moving with his might.

Family pet : unfamiliar ovum (????)

Having a risk upon his very own ache threshold , he decided to go by cup. And yep , it absolutely was a poor choice thru and through. Suffering taken by Rudra when the glass pierced his palms. Bloodstream dripping anywhere. Any sane guy will give up now.

Rudra desired to curse. However he was soo happy to clear the 2nd step , he failed to .... Nevertheless his contentment was quick existed , rapidly he was teleported into the next examination part.

Tools : Reinforced Armour arranged ( Lv30) , Lich's Engagement ring

The problem on this strategy was , he could not begin to see the long distance forward , he just were forced to hope he would make it over time. As a result every subsequent he just moved and pushed as it was another 10. It turned out no easy activity.

Rudra experienced that this upcoming spherical was a lot . He was required to drive a 2 meter significant boulder using a 60° slope to # 1 .

Chapter 52 - Evaluation(2)

INT : 73 STA : 72

Another list of weights made an appearance it had been 55 kgs .... Rudra removed it effortlessly at the same time. Also he grasped the routine of 5kg progression with each spherical .

Rudra were forced to deadlift the following pair of dumbbells like he was in a gym .... He was self-assured relating to this , it has to be really simple .

One has 240s to remove the stage . Best of luck!

AGI : 87 VIT : 77


The initial range of dumbbells appeared .... It was actually 50Kg .... Rudra deadlifted it within a breeze .

The next analyze was the bodily stat examination , it primarily added toughness and intense power. The system notification rang .

AGI : 87 VIT : 77

Remove the course in under 4 a matter of minutes , time commences now.

Status : Wholesome

Endurance completely regained .... Commencing next evaluation part..... Sturdiness examination stage an individual ... Deadlift the given weight lifting .... Test commences in 30s .

Participant Identity : Shakuni

Infamy :

Even so Rudra was really a tiny crack , the anguish was ok to him , however not the what happens if of what if he could have received a SSS . Hard eager himself via the agony , Rudra cleared the phase with hemorrhaging hands and wrists.

Yep time restrict , usually. Rudra sprung into measures rapidly moving forward the earliest set of monkey cafes. Then got rope. He required to go up a 20 foot rope to carry on the training.

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