Is it Expensive to Play Old School Runescape?

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20 September 2022

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Is it expensive to play Old School Runescape?

Since middle school, I haven’t played since then. I am a college junior now and have this strange urge for playing again. I don't want money because I'm a college student who is broke.

Completely free, can pay for membership using the currency in-game.



In the course of playing, you will soon realize that you sell your soul to Jagex as soon as you begin to play.

The content is free to you to play for free the way it was back in the day. That was enough to keep me entertained for a few minutes. Then you can pay monthly membership.


Once your character is wealthy enough, you can start to pay for membership using in-game wealth. I believe it's around 2 million dollars for two weeks? It's a huge amount that your character at first can't afford. However, after a few months of spending money on irl, you should be able grind out the in-game money you require.

Play for free. There are Free to Play worlds, with less content then Members worlds, but you can also purchase bonds in game to gain 14 days or thus Membership. Although it is not practical in the long run, saving money to purchase equipment or other items could be a disadvantage.

Do not eat a cheeseburger every month, and there is membership

It takes around 10 hours to keep it running (100+) every 14 days, but it's completely free.

10 hours...? You need a different method...

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