The Next President Will probably be? Uranian Astrology's View of Who Will Win!

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07 January 2022

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About Tuesday December 6, 2012, the American people go to the forms to select the next Chief executive of the U . s of United states. Between now and then many astrologers will look at the horoscopes of the candidates for chief executive and vp to see which will be wielding the power of the oval place of work after the 2012 election.

Please let me set the stage just for this article. (election) will begin on November 6, 2012 at doze: 00 WILL BE, EST during Dixville Notch, N. L 44N52'15", 71W18'23". The polls will be deemed closed by 11: 00 PM, REPRESENTE of that day time in Buenos aires, DC, 38N53'42", 77W02'12".

The players are, Chief executive Barak Obama, born August 4, 61 at 7: 24 PM, AHST in Honolulu, HOWDY, 21N18'25" 157W51'30", and Romney born Mar 12, 1947 at hunting for: 51 WAS, EST, Of detroit, MI, 42N19'53", 83W02'45". The following all culminates at the Inauguration on January 20, 2013, at 12: 00PM, REPRESENTE, in California, DC. In spite of the moment/time the ceremony truly occurs, based on the Continental Congress, the previous president term completes at 12: 00PM, having the "President elect" the President thought to be.

Now time for the topic taking place, which is, what is going to the selection bring us, the citizens states of Usa!

As you check out the diagrams you can note that I actually is a fabulous Uranian astrologer, so I use hypothetical planets otherwise referred to as transneptunian exoplanets. I will share with you a little of the fundamentals of how I just decipher these kind of horoscopes/charts.

When looking at an event graph and or, in this case, the election, these are generally some of the details I will be looking at: Sun, Phase of the moon, Cardinal axis, Kronos, Apollon and Admetos. Beginning with sunlight, which indicates the day, the Moon the people and the ambiance of the people, which shifts hourly, the Cardinal axis, which is the modern world at large, and Kronos, which is the leader or perhaps authority amount. The Sun Kronos midpoint manifested by SU/KR, is the commander-in-chief, the chief executive, the full. I will likewise mention Apollon, which means luck and accomplishment, and Admetos, which means come to a standstill, or bites a brick wall.

Right now let us see what the arrangements for the election tells us as to the out-come of how this kind of race is going to turnout. My goal is to first make an attempt to see what the midpoint of this Sun and Kronos tells me. Why Sun/Kronos? Because Sun/Kronos is the ordonner in key. The SU/KR = MA/NE, and this tells me that you will see voter tampering, you can count on it. On an additional note MA/NE = SU/KR, the winning candidate could be the one whoever campaign staff uses the top strategy. A large quanity of you available on the market are saying with Mercury going retrograde, someone in company will be reelected. Well in the case, Mercury is normally stationary, this means it is at a standstill and not going. This indicates the fact that there will more than likely be a recount and we may well not know definitely who the new director is for around a day or two right up until Mercury changes a minute or two, however backwards. The Mercury rail station retrograde is definitely not the only issue. Pluto can be opposite Kronos, and the meaning that for this mixture is a enhancements made on the ruling or government power. The SU/KR = SU/PL, which means every day of serious change. All at once the SU/KR = ME/SA, indicates miserable news, which include saying good-bye.

When the forms close, apart from the planetary snap shots I just pointed out, the other important planetary picture can be PL, KR/MA = AR/SU. The model for this moment means the world has were to make a difference in government. To put it differently, from the selection chart by themselves without taking the candidates graphs into consideration the voters can opt to opt a new lead designer.

Now we should include the candidate's charts along with their solar arc's, whole, one half and two-fold solar arc's, along with the transits on political election day and get a diverse perspective as to what will happen. Barak Obama's solar arc's in the time the election will be forty-nine. 37, his half photovoltaic arc will be 24. 49 and his twin arc are going to be 99. 14. Mitt Romney's solar arc will be 64. 20, his half photo voltaic arc might be 32. on and his two-fold solar arc will be 128. 40.

We can look at many aspects in every single candidates chart and there is a fantastic argument per each candidate to become a winner in addition to a loser in that night out. The initial planetary combination I examine is the midpoint between his natal Sunshine and transiting Sun, that tells me what type of day he is having.

This particular midpoint in Obama's chart falls on his VE/AP(Apollon). I have always been looking at what the transiting SU/KR in just about every candidates graph and then what each candidate's SU/KR definitely will equal. At the time the forms are considered closed which can be 11: 00PM in POWER, the transiting SU/KR can equal Obama's JU/ME simply by his solar arc and his Venus by way of half photovoltaic arc, as well as falls within the midpoint of Obama's Sunlight and transiting Venus. Transiting Jupiter will be 22 ½ to his own SU/KR when transiting KR, and PL will be semi-square his SU/KR. In addition , with a 90-degree switch, transiting Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) for the day in the election falls on his natal Mars and in turn both Mars' semi-square SU+Kronos-Zeus which signifies outstanding attributes of command. These are incredibly powerful planetary combinations.

For Mitt Romney, the transiting SU/KR will result in the midpoint of transiting Saturn great natal Saturn by his double photo voltaic arc. Simultaneously his natal SU/KR can fall with the midpoint from transiting SA/KR as his half solar arc is going to hit the transiting SA/KR as well. It really is as if his SU/KR might be getting a double whammy in Saturn and Kronos. Saturn and Kronos together way to fall right from high places. To build matters worse yet, the midpoint of his natal Sunshine and transiting Sun definitely will fall on his Admetos, so this means he is at a the end from the line.

My best next step should be to look at the graph of the Inauguration and I notice that transiting Sunlight will show up on Obama's Jupiter while transiting JU = Obama's SU/AR midpoint. Also, transiting Mercury definitely will equal his natal Mercury. From one other angle, transiting Sun at Obama's Jupiter is both midpoint Obama's Mercury, transiting Mercury and transiting Apollon. This tells us that for this particular day time, the multimedia and the globe will be concentrating on President Obama and playing what the person has to declare as he is sworn in office.

Inauguration day designed for Romney possesses transiting Mercury hitting his Saturn. At the same time transiting Pluto will be on his Neptune and 22 ½ to his Saturn, seeing that transiting Saturn will get on his Pluto. The dual Pluto and Saturn affect is an indicator of a decrease in power.

The chart from the inauguration is likewise the birth and labor chart with the President's term in business office. The term with two huge negative planetary pictures, is Hades +ASC = 0 AR, the President will likely be dealing with nasty and abominable people and poverty that may precipitate physical violence. The abuse is portrayed by the formula of PL+0 BE = 3RD THERE’S R and Roter planet (umgangssprachlich). There will be some sudden mind-blowing changes, basically as well as figuratively. With a Mars Uranus semi-square, the possibility of assault is not impossible.

After comparing the candidate's charts along with the transits in the election I have come to the conclusion that President Obama will continue to be the President for another four years, and it will in no way be a very easy four years.

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