The origin of sending roses for Valentine's Day

14 March 2022

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Why do you send roses on Valentine's Day? Many people want to know. Every year on the eve of Valentine's Day, major flower shops will display bright roses, and the price will increase a lot, as if they are going to grab Valentine's Day. Business opportunities, why do you want to send roses instead of other flowers on Valentine's Day? In fact, it doesn't mean that you can't send other flowers, but roses are the representative of Valentine's Day and have their own origins, and almost all Valentine's Days around the world are sending roses. There must be a reason!

It is true that countries around the world may have their own opinions on the origin of sending roses, but since it is about Valentine’s Day, it is inseparable from love, and has something to do with romantic Greek mythology. Why do you send roses on Valentine’s Day? If we take Greek mythology as an example, we must talk about one of the goddesses of love and beauty in Greek mythology, Aphrodite (Greek: Αφροδίτη, Latin: Aphrodite), Aphrodite is often referred to as Come to be compared with Venus, but Aphrodite is also in charge of all the friendships in the world.

Aphrodite is a beautiful goddess. She has been loved and pursued by many gods, but her favorite is Adonis, a young and beautiful boy from Lebanon. Once Adonis wanted to go hunting, Aphrodite Tina was very worried about the danger but couldn't stop Adonis. As a result, Adonis was bitten by a wild boar while hunting and fell to the ground. Aphrodite, who loved Adonis deeply, heard Adonis's words. He shouted and rushed over immediately. In order to save Adonis, he was accidentally stabbed in the foot by the surrounding white roses. The blood immediately dyed the surrounding white roses red and turned into a whole piece of red roses. As a symbol of love, this is the origin of the Greek myth to explain why roses are sent on Valentine's Day. Isn't it very romantic and steadfast?