The Girls – Part 2 of 9 – I’ll Show You Mine.

29 January 2024

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I had seen a vagina get licked, and three different girlgasms including Lorelei’s first ever. Over that two days, Lorlei began to kind of get closer and even more friendly. I noticed she would talk to me more and about more serious stuff like school, and boys and even cars and getting her driver license. We went swimming at the river and lay in the sun. She wore a black bikini with netting at the sides of the bottoms that let her hips and just a teeny bit of her backside show. Just enough to let you know she was indeed naked under that bikini bottom. She would find ways to lean over in front of me so I could see her cleavage and I once caught her trying to hide a smile as she did this.

At the end of the second day, when we got back from the river, her parents weren’t home. She went to her room to get changed and I went to mine. Before I even undid the zipper on my jean cut-offs, she called me to her room. "Michael..could you please come in here for a sec.?"

I went to her room and opened the door. Lorlei was still in her two piece and was standing in front of her mirror checking herself out. When she saw me, she quickly moved over to sit on the end of the bed and motioned for me to sit in a cushioned chair about 8 feet away. I only had my damp cut-offs on. Lorlei took a deep breath and with her head shyly held down, she raised only her eyes up to mine. She kind of half said, half muttered " Boy, I’m not sure how to start this."

By now I was curious and could plainly see that she was very nervous about whatever she wanted to talk about. I felt a real empathy for her and though I wasn’t sure what to do, I tried to act mature and in an effort to put her at ease, I said " Lorlei, is something wrong? Are you ok?"

" Michael I’m fine, really. I just was wondering if we could talk about some private stuff. "

" What kind of stuff?" I asked. " We talk all the time and I have no problem telling you what I think."

" This is different though." She said. " Oh hell…can we talk a bit about guys and girls and stuff?"

Now I guessed where this might be heading and though I didn’t want her to think I wasn’t game, I was a bit nervous myself. " I guess so. What’s up? "

She raised her head right up and said " Ok, but if you get uncomfortable or anything, we can stop. " And you have to promise with all your heart that this is all private…I mean that!"

She was blatantly concerned about being private so I said "Look, if you say it’s private then it’s nobody’s beeswax period."

"Ok. I was just wondering if you ever think about sex?"

" Gosh Lorlei, is that all?" I said. " Of course I think about sex. I think about sex all the time. In fact, I wonder if something’s wrong with me I think about sex so much."

This forthright confession really broke the ice and Lorlei visibly relaxed and her confidence returned.

"So do I" she exclaimed, then quietly. "Maybe not all the time" she giggled, but really quite a bit, and lately pretty well all the time. I wonder soooo much about stuff."

"Me too. I wonder all the time. I get so horny I think I’m going to burst" I stated. Lorelei’s eyes widened and glinted in a really sexy way and she giggled.

"Burst eh? What exactly do you mean by burst Michael?" she asked with fake innocence. She glanced quickly at my crotch, which by the way was already tenting very noticeably, and back up to my eyes. I blushed a bright red and looked down. Seeing my embarrassment and not wanting to end the talk, Lorlei quickly apologized " Michael, I’m sorry. It’s just that I kind of feel like I’m going to burst too, but probably in a different way..sort of. "

"Awww that’s ok, I just blush all the time. You know that"

" Michael, have you ever seen a girl in the nude?"

I lied "Only in magazines, and they really only show butts and breasts. What about you?"

"Just my girlfriends" she said with complete seriousness. I raised my eyebrows and she broke down. " I know you didn’t mean other girls." She said. " No, I’ve never seen a naked boy. At least not a mature boy with pubic hair or when his thing is hard. "

" Ok. So you know we get erections, and I know girls get wet. Have you even felt an erection?"

Lorlei became a bit more open. " Of course I’ve felt erections. I neck with boys and they get hard through their clothes and press their things against my vagina really hard. How do you know girls get wet down there?" Her eyes searched mine with a twinkle.

" I took sex ed too Lorlei. That little fact was part of the lesson. Girls get wet when they get excited to make it easier for a guys penis to fit inside."

Lorlei blushed! This was very unusual. Lorlei seldom blushed. There was a bit of a lull and I could see Lorlei kind of mulling things over in her mind. I really wanted to see where this might go, so I took the initiative.

" Do you like it when boys push their boners against your crotch? I teased.

Forced out of her reverie by my question, she blushed and said " Yeah, I guess. It makes me want to push back and I don’t even know I’m doing it most of the time." Lorlei started squirming a bit and I could see the material of her bathing suit stretching over her ripe breasts and her nipples grew pointy and were very visible. My penis began to ache a bit and I had to adjust my position in the chair to allow it some more room. I hoped she wouldn’t notice, but she was on me immediately.

" Michael, you have an erection don’t you?" she asked while looking me straight in the eyes.

"Yeah." I calmly admitted. "Sorry. I guess all this talk and stuff....and it doesn’t help that your nipples are sticking out like that! I’m already pretty much as hard as I ever get."

Lorlei glanced at her nipples and hurriedly brought her hands up to cover them. This action only exasperated my condition. "What makes you hard?"

Looking straight back into her eyes I replied " Your breasts, your butt, your crotch, pretty much all of you makes me hard" I said.

Lorlei stood up and thinking the conversation was over, I stood up too. She glanced at my crotch and her eyes widened and her mouth opened in visible shock. She quickly recovered and with her head lowered she asked "Would you like to see my breasts Michael?" I just nodded with my mouth gaping open and Lorlei reached behind her and unclasped her top. She slowly and almost torturously let the top slip off. Her face was beet red. It was my turn to be amazed. I had of course seen much more of her than this, but the intimate surroundings, and the fact that she was willingly sharing this with me made things different somehow. More personal or something. Her breasts were a small tight B-Cup with medium sized areolas and dark erect nipples. They sat high on her chest and were definitely a set to be proud of.

" Do you think their ok? " she asked.

" Lorlei, they’re great. They are really, really great "I managed to spit out.

" Thanks Michael. Girls always worry about how their boobs look. You know, are they too small, too pointy, too hard or soft. Are my nipples too small or large? Pretty much everything."

" Do you worry about how they feel to a guy?" I asked.

" Yeah, I guess." She said "do you want to touch them?"

" I would love to touch them!"

"Alright" she said "but before you do, I think it’s only fair that you take your cut-offs off. After all, I’m naked and you’re not."

I looked her straight in the eye and said "Look, we’ve gone this far, and I know you want to see my penis, but you are not naked. You still have your bottoms on and you know it. If we’re going to be honest and open with each other, and show our bodies to each other, then we each do it all, or not at all."

Lorlei giggled and said "Ok, but no touching." She grabbed the waistband of her bathing suit bottoms and quickly shed herself of them. Standing back, she raised her hands in the air and stood there with her legs open in a way that allowed for a good inspection. "Well" she said. "Your turn!"

Lorelei’s voice startled me. I was completely absorbed in looking at her. I reached for the zipper of my bursting cut-offs. Then I got self-conscious. "Look" I said. "If you laugh at me I will never forgive you. I don’t have a big one. In fact, I think it’s quite small and I’ve never showed it to anyone before."

Lorelei lowered her arms and said "Michael, I promise I won’t laugh. I know boys worry about penis size like girls worry about breast size and other stuff. I don’t care how big your penis is. I just want to see it and maybe learn a thing or two. C’mon, just do it….please?"

I undid my zipper and dropped my cut-offs to the ground. My newly freed dick point out and up like a piece of iron. I had a sparse but visible thatch of dark curly pubic hair and nice sized balls that hung fairly low beneath my dick. I looked from my groin tentatively to see Lorelei’s reaction.

Lorlei had squeezed her arms together over her chest with her hands kind of covering her mouth. Her mouth was open, she gasped and her eyes looked like they would pop out of their sockets. I began to think there was something seriously wrong. "My god Michael!" she whispered "That thing’s huge! What the hell are you worried about?"

"It’s not ‘huge’" I complained. "I wish it was bigger, and look at how it bends and kind of leans to the left a bit." Lorlei stepped forward to get a closer look. When she got about two feet away, I contracted the lower muscle that caused my dick to move so it kind of waved hello. She shrieked and giggled and jumped back a bit. Still giggling, she gave me a pleading look "Michael you brat. I thought it was coming after me." She had dropped her hands down to her sides and fisted them in an attempt to look adamant. What she actually looked like was a beautiful naked teenager with well developing breasts and a clearly visible full and pouty vagina. Again, I stared at her vagina and she in turn stared at my cock. I reached down and rubbed my balls for just a minute and said "What now? Anything else you want to ask?"

Lorlei again looked cautious as she asked "Well, I was wondering if you ever touch yourself? I mean…you know….play with yourself?

"Do I masturbate? Oh yeah….everyday….sometimes more than once. "What about you?"

"Oh this is so embarrassing!" she paused and then quietly confessed " Yeah, I do, but I just started. Do you squirt stuff out?"

"Come here and take a look at the tip of my penis." Lorlei moved very close and stared down at the head of my cock. "See that clear stuff leaking out?" She nodded. "That’s what comes out at first when I get really horny. Go ahead. Touch your finger to it." Lorlei bravely touched the tip with her finger and was rewarded with a dollop of pre-cum that was thick and sticky. She rubbed it between her fingers curiously and smelled it quickly. "Does this mean you’re going to squirt?"

"Nah…I can’t cum unless I jack-off. I need to grab my penis and move my hand up and down on it."

"Oh Michael…show me…pleeeeze ."

"Only if you show me too. I can’t really see your vagina when you’re standing like this and I want to see you masturbate too."

Lorlei blushed a bright red. "Michael! I couldn’t do that in front of you!" I never said anything. I just raised my eyebrows and waited. With a breath of exasperation, she moved over to the bed, propped herself up, and opened her legs. She crooked her finger and called me forward with it. I knelt on the bed beside her and looked at her vagina. I swear to God if you tell anyone, and I mean anyone about this, I will kill you!" I raised my hands in submission and kept quiet. "Ok. This is my clitoris" she said as she rubbed around the little bump for a minute. "Rubbing my clitoris is what makes me cum." I took note that this little bump was nowhere near her hole. This surprised me but I held off commenting. She then slid her index finger up and down her slit. "These are my vagina lips. They get really wet when I get horny, and they have a smell. Girls worry a lot that boys will hate the smell but we all have it and other than making sure we’re clean, we can’t do anything about it." Lorlei was a bright shade of red as she was talking which contradicted her calm demeanor. She then slipped her finger inside her hole and gasped. "This is my…unngh.. hole. It’s where you put your penis when we do it. I’m a virgin, but my finger doesn’t take away my virginity, and it feels soooo good when I move it in and out. For me to have a cum. I have to rub my bump and if I want to speed things up a bit I finger myself at the same time."

"Do you squirt when you cum" I asked. Of course I knew that she just kind of gushed more fluid, but I needed to make her think I didn’t know anything.

"Kind of I guess. I just get a goosh of wetness." She said. "Ok, let’s do this before I change my mind."

I reached down and started stroking my cock. I had to really concentrate to keep from cumming too soon. I knew from the garage attic that she would take longer. She began rubbing all around her clitoris and then used her other hand to finger herself. She alternated between rubbing her whole vagina and her clitoris. Her breathing became ragged and her pelvis began to rise up and down in a bit of a rhythm. All this time she stared at my penis making a variety of sounds that told me she was definitely feeling very good.

"Oh Michael, you’re penis is sooo…kind of beautiful. I love watching you do that…it makes me soooo wet. Can you smell me Michael? Do I smell awful?"

Lorlei…ughh…you look beautiful too..and I love your smell…oh god….this is sooo good!"

Lorlei was deep in her masturbation now, and I decided to try something to bring her over the edge.

"I saw you girls in the garage attic the other day….mmmph….I saw everything. All your vaginas, all your cums, even when Jane licked Sandy’s vagina. It made me sooo horny I squirted without touching myself."

Lorlei kept at herself but was looking at me with doe eyes. "You watched me cum….og Michael that was….unmmph…awwww….oh god" Her fingers worked furiously. "first…mmmph time….fuck..fuck..I’m cumming…." Her hips rose. …my penis swelled and I felt my own orgasm approaching. Just as she looked at my penis and screwed up her face in her orgasm, I released rope after rope of cum all over her neck and breasts and face. She was too far gone to care much as she screamed in orgasm and shock. A moment later, we are both exhausted and breathing heavily. "Wow Michael that was really neat! That was sooo cool! I’m just soaked! Look at my hand."

I looked at her very wet hand, and reached down to rub my hand on her vagina. She grabbed my wrist out of instinct but I said "Just feeling Lor. I’ve never felt a vagina before." She reached up and took hold of my spent cock. "It’s sooo hard, but soft too. Weird."

Lorlei then realized that my cum was running everywhere and started to use her fingers to explore the texture. "Its sticky stuff isn’t it?" she giggled. "It smells too. Not bad or anything, but it does smell." She tentatively stuck out her tongue and tasted a tiny bit. "It’s salty, but not horrible. Why did you squirt all over me like that?"

"Oh Lorlei, you looked sooo beautiful in your cum that I just had to squirt on you. It just seemed right to share myself with you that way. I’m sorry if you didn’t like me doing that."

"No, no, I didn’t mind at all. It was great to get a close-up view like that but at the same time, I was so busy with myself that I don’t think I really saw as much as I would if we had our cum at different times."

My penis was softening and she watched it in wonder. "What a neat thing. It is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen." Lorelei’s expression changed to one of surprise and shock. She sat up and looked me straight in the eyes. "What the fuck do you mean you saw us in the garage attic!"

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