Jessica's Torment

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13 October 2021

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Korean bbq restaurants can be a bit of a trip if you’ve never eaten at one. Like in Korea, not something you’d find in LA’s Koreatown or something. Especially the ones that play up the old school vibe like The Railroad Tracks did. The floor was gravel. Not concrete with a lot of gravel mixed in, but actual gravel. Walking on it felt like you were walking down a gravel road that had recently had new rocks spread out on it. It was hell on NaEun’s heels. She was balancing on her toes and there was some wobbling going on. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - As Steve embraced me he reached behind my back to untie the halter strap. I was still trembling from all the sensuous moments earlier. As he did this he said, “Sandra told me all about your obsession with the need to hold a man’s really long shaft in your hand, and that you’d never done that even once in your whole life. It’s hard to imagine that you’ve never experienced that other than with your husband’s. What she also told me was that you had the smallest bosom she’d ever seen on an adult and this embarrassed you terribly. What she doesn’t know is that my obsession is with micro boobies like yours”.

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